• minority languages

    Importance of Supporting “Minority Languages” in Medical Translation

    Almost every country in the world requires medical literature to be translated into their national language. This covers everything from patients’ records to clinical trial documents to allow regulatory representatives to read them. When it comes to health, medical translation is simply vital. So-called “minority languages” are no different in this respect – translation improves clinical results, the quality of healthcare, and, most importantly, patient safety. Read more »

  • history of pharmaceuticals

    The Influence of Translation on the History of Pharmaceuticals

    While the pharmaceutical industry can trace its history all the way back to the earliest pharmacies and apothecaries, these could only offer a “hit and miss” range of remedies based on popular folklore and cultural knowledge. The history of pharmaceuticals, as we know it today, actually began in late 17th century Germany.

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  • market research

    Achieving Effective Translation for Market Research

    It’s often said that one of the most important aspects of effective communication is being able to listen. This is especially true when it comes to organising successful marketing campaigns that need to translate across borders and through different cultural filters. How is this achieved? Through global market research. Read more »

  • medical restrictions

    Medical Restrictions & Regulations affecting Translations

    Medical translation is arguably one of the most important areas of translation there is, in terms of ensuring the availability of clear, accurate information across all languages. No other field of translation has so much at stake or as many medical restrictions or medical regulations. Read more »

  • Difference between UK and US Legal Terminology

    Difference between UK and US Legal Terminology

    Aside from enjoying a common language, the US and the UK share rich and complex historical roots embedded into almost all parts of their respective cultures. From the legal systems, political ideals to their shared love of patriotism, these two countries are comparable in many ways.  Read more »

  • How Translation can help the whole Automotive Supply Chain.

    In the ever evolving and fast paced global market, every industry can benefit from effective, focused translation services. If you want to succeed on the competitive international stage, you need to speak the language of each of those involved; in this instance, from original equipment manufacturers to end consumers.


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