• The Language Industry in a Post-Brexit World; 2017 ATC Language Industry Summit

    On 21-22 September 2017, delegates from Albion Languages attended the 2017 ATC Language Industry Summit in London, UK. Read more »

  • The Complete Guide to British and American English

    This comprehensive guide is designed to help translators and proofreaders navigate through the many differences between British and American English in formatting, grammar, spelling and vocabulary.
    Read more »

  • 5 tips for clear, concise translation in English

    This post is intended as a guide for translators who wish to improve their writing in English. The aim is to learn to write clear, concise sentences that retain a formal tone. Read more »

  • Meet the team: Péter Márton

    Péter Márton is the Executive Financial Director at Albion Languages, specialising in financial management and business development. In this post, we talk about his role and influence at Albion Languages and what he envisions for the future. Read more »

  • 10 Keyboard Shortcuts for Translators

    CAT tools and mice just don’t play nice together.  Repetitive use of the mouse can slow translation speed and cause painful muscle strain. Translators, it’s time to ditch your mouse and embrace keyboard shortcuts! Once mastered, these ten easy-to-use shortcuts will save you time and energy in the long run. Read more »

  • Albion Day 2017

    The little train shook and rattled as it slowly made its way down the street, dodging cars whizzing by at twice the speed. Keeping our elbows out of the way of traffic, we leaned out the windows to get a good look at a medieval wooden clock tower (marking the site where the Hungarian Parliament was once held!) and Hungary’s oldest running hotel. Read more »

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