• Globalisation - Blessing or a Curse?

    Is Globalisation a Good Thing?

    Is globalisation a blessing or a curse?

    As linguists, we spend a lot of time worrying about the linguistic impact globalisation is having on our increasingly digital world. At the same time though, there’s so much more to globalisation than just language – which is what’s inspired us to take a look at globalisation as it fits into the bigger picture.

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  • How to ensure translation equals ROI

    How to ensure translation equals ROI

    With the global e-commerce industry set to reach 4.5 trillion USD by 2021, it’s no wonder that companies are wanting to get a piece of the pie. Although digitalisation is helping to close the gap between us here in Europe and Australia, for example, language still represents somewhat of a barrier. With only 27% of Internet users actually speaking English, it’s no wonder that translation has become more important than ever.

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  • Why have a style guide for translations

    A Guide to the Benefits of Translation Style Guides

    Translation Style Guides: Are They Necessary?

    The primary goals that drive any international marketing strategy are the expansion of your consumer base, and subsequently your business revenue. This is achieved through effectively translating your unique brand identity in order to connect with potential consumers in new markets.

    A successful marketing approach needs to ensure high-quality translations and the consistency of your message across all platforms, in order to allow you to speak directly to each of your customers as clearly and in the same tone in any other language as you do in your source language and local markets. This is where translation style guides can come in. These invaluable tools offer clear benefits in assuring contextual accuracy and brand conformity in all of your translations.

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  • A Guide to Crowdsourcing Translations: The Pros and Cons

    The Benefits and Dangers of Crowdsourcing in Translation

    A Guide to Crowdsourcing Translations: The Pros and Cons

    Crowdsourcing has been around for a while, having been enabled by the expansion of the Internet and global real-time access to information. This form of group effort towards a common goal, usually through problem solving, innovation or efficiency improvement, has been made possible through the increased interconnectivity many of enjoy in our daily lives.

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  • Marketing Materials Formal or Informal register

    Informal or Formal Registers: Which is Suitable for Marketing Materials?

    One of the first things businesses need to decide about when creating new marketing materials is what brand image they wish to portray. There has been a trend in recent years in this regard, to switch from formal language to a more informal, friendly mode of communication between businesses and consumers. With so much of our lives now online, many of us prefer to engage with shorter, easy to digest advertising over the previous formal, face-to-face conversations that used to be employed to close sales.

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  • Translation is key to international marketing

    Translation is Key to Any International Marketing Strategy

    With so many businesses taking advantage of an ever more interconnected world, international marketing is rapidly becoming a focus for not only the biggest players but for all. This dynamic and exciting way of reaching a larger audience is now open to almost any company wishing to test the waters with their product or service.

    Translation is usually viewed as merely a first step into new markets, with many relying on the translation of their current website to drive sales in new language markets in the same way as their original website did at local market level. Unfortunately, such efforts can fail to make a significant impact on the new market and ultimately lead to disappointment. In fact, there are many other areas too in which translation can be an invaluable partner in implementing your international marketing strategy.

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