Meet our new linguist: Veronika Begánová

Albion Languages welcomes Veronika Begánová to our Bratislava team. In this post, she tells us about her background, her interest in languages, and her aspirations as a linguist. 

Tell us a bit about yourself!

I have always had an affinity for learning languages. Whilst gaining my MA in Russian and German studies at university, I developed an interest in translation. I now have more than 5 years’ professional experience in translation, with a special focus on nuclear power plant technologies and related technical documents.

Why do you enjoy learning languages?

I like that it allows me to communicate with people outside of my homeland, and that I can learn how others think and react based on their culture. 

What inspired you to become a linguist?

Initially, I had planned to study in the sciences, but over the years I found myself in the translation field. It has worked out well, given that my translation projects are often directly tied to scientific subjects.

What is your favourite part about working for Albion Languages so far?

I enjoy learning from my translation projects, and working with a great, supportive team.

In your opinion, what skills are needed to be a good linguist?

A good linguist must be passionate and dedicated, as the job requires a great amount of time and energy. He or she must also be a fast-learner.

Give one random fact about you that would surprise us!

I love death metal, just as much as I hate heavy metal!

What’s your hidden talent?

I have designed CD covers, books, and corporate brands, and I still work on many graphic design projects outside of work.

If you weren’t a linguist, what would you consider doing for a career?

 I would be a Witcher from Andrzej Sapkowski’s fantasy series.


Veronika Begánová, Linguist


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