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Is there head-to-head competition between you and your competitors? Precisely translated materials can give you a significant advantage on the international stage. Irrespective of the legal transactions in your activity, partnership with a professional translation agency can give you the edge!

Translating legal texts is much more challenging for translators than translating general, everyday topics. We have gathered our own teams of professionals with at least 5 years of extensive experience in the translation of legal documents for each of the 46 languages we offer.

Ensure the successful conclusion of your legal matters with clear legal documents that accurately present the facts and properly convey your interests! Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Extensive legal translation experience

Albion Languages is a leading expert in legal translations. Since 1999, we have completed thousands of legal translations and handled a multitude of different types of document every year. The majority of our projects involve:

  • agreements,
  • materials on regulatory and licensing, registration matters,
  • submissions, notices to remedy deficiencies and the responses given to them,
  • orders, decisions, licenses, certificates,
  • justice expert opinions,
  • minutes of meetings and consultations,
  • employment documents,
  • documents related to social welfare and social security services.


Key languages of the sector

We mainly translate from English and German into Central and Eastern European languages, although we also translate from all European languages (and some Asian languages) into English.


Jogi szakfordítás

Why is Albion Languages the ideal partner?

With 20 years’ experience and a wealth of international references, we are confident that we have good insight into our clients’ requirements. We know what they need and can see what they don’t like in our industry. This is why you get exactly what you want – our goal isn’t to force our services on anyone. We also pay particular attention to ensuring that our processes are simple and fully transparent. At the same time, our dedicated contact persons are there to inform you in detail about all matters and listen carefully to your concerns.

We offer strong guarantees, without any equivocation. Working as quickly and with the same translation technology as a global translation agency, but with greater focus and more attractive prices. We are reachable and helpful, whilst our project management and professional, multi-stage proofreading mean that we can guarantee the highest quality. This is all combined with a deadline guarantee and satisfaction guarantee, but without surcharges for any reason at any time!

Every year, we complete more than 10,000 successful projects for the most renowned companies in the world – we trust that you will soon decide to join them! Put us to the test!

Albion Languages in figures


  • tapasztalat 20 years of experience
  • orszag 40 country presence
  • forditas 46 target languages
  • projekt 10,000+ successful projects every year
  • szo 30 million words translated per year


Sub-sectors: the specialities of Albion Languages

We have translated in almost all areas of law.  Every year, we are contacted by clients from the most varied fields, however, there are still certain key sub-sectors where we have gathered special, in-depth knowledge. We are the most familiar with the language in the following areas where we have the greatest number of legal translators and quantity of experience as well::

  • civil law
  • employment law
  • compensation procedures
  • approval
  • agreements


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