The Language Industry in a Post-Brexit World; 2017 ATC Language Industry Summit

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On 21-22 September 2017, delegates from Albion Languages attended the 2017 ATC Language Industry Summit in London, UK.

Every year, the Association of Translation Companies provides a platform for discussion, idea sharing, and business development. It aims to bring together language service providers, freelance translators, translation software developers and leaders in global business to further the success of the industry.

This year’s summit focused on how to adapt to a changing market after Brexit. Speakers discussed ways to ensure sustainable business development and keep pace with innovation in translation technology as a language service provider in the UK or the European Union.

Business consultant, Renato Beninatto, kicked off the conference with an enlightening presentation on the Pillars for a Sustainable Language Business. He pinpointed the main pillars of a translation business– Sales, project management, and vendor management. Of these three, which would we say is the central pillar? In a room packed with executives, the answer seemed to be sales. Renato instead highlighted project management. Project managers are the face of a language business, and the source of customer service. “Translation buyers buy certainty and good customer service,” said Renato, “Everything else is fluff!”. The speakers who followed echoed the importance of providing quality customer service and building a reliable, customer-focused project management team that can adapt to the changing demands of a globalised, post-Brexit world.

An exciting new addition to the summit was the announcement of ATC’s ISO Certification programme. In an uncertain market, an increasing number of companies are demanding ISO certification from their language service providers to ensure quality and a stable business partnership. Offering both 9001 and the LSP-focused 17100, ATC is sure to become a leading ISO certification body for translation companies across the globe. Albion delegates found their consultation session very helpful in considering the advantages of ISO certification for a translation company.

In between sessions and throughout the lovely gala dinner, Albion delegates enjoyed networking and meeting with old and new colleagues in the industry. Overall, we felt that the relaxed, enjoyable environment of the summit reflected the general mood of summit attendees; we can confidently face the challenges of a changing, post-Brexit market if we work together to further the development of the language industry. We at Albion Languages would like to thank the organisers of the 2017 ATC Language Industry Summit for a truly successful and productive conference. See you at the next one!







Networking was on fire before the GALA dinner!


Renato Beninatto defines the Pillars for a Sustainable Language Business


We learned a lot from Steve Chu from Treehouse Strategy’s presentation on Strategic Business Planning for LSPs. 


GALA dinner with great people


Congratulations to the ATC Award winners!





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