5 Language-Focused Activities in Budapest

On 07-09 June, translation professionals from all over Europe will visit Budapest, Hungary to attend this year’s memoQfest. Translators, project managers, and translation agency executives will find countless opportunities for networking, learning and exchanging ideas throughout the 3-day conference.

But these opportunities are not confined to the conference venue. Take this chance to see Budapest as a translator and language-enthusiast! This guide offers 5 activities for memoQfest attendees to explore one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with a linguist’s eye.

1.Sign up for a 1-hour Hungarian language course at Fungarian.hu.


This fun and informal class will teach you the basics of this difficult yet fascinating language. You can even choose between multiple class locations near Budapest’s most famous landmarks. If you’re feeling more adventurous, sign up for the Class & Walk course, in which you’ll get to practice Hungarian in real-life situations as you explore the city. Get ready to impress your fellow attendees by ordering your gala dinner in Hungarian! ????

2. Dive into Hungarian culture and cuisine with a traditional cooking class from Chefparade.

The day begins in the Great Market Hall, where you’ll learn Hungarian through finding and purchasing the traditional ingredients needed to make your meal. Next, you’ll learn how to make a 3-course meal of goulash, chicken paprikás and Somlói galuska (chocolate sponge cake). There’s really no better way to learn a new language than with a belly full of delicious food!

3. Spend a glamorous evening at the Hungarian State Opera House.


Tickets to see operas in French, Italian, German or Hungarian are even surprisingly cheap! But no matter what you choose to see, the sight of the gorgeous golden auditorium and its sparkling chandeliers are sure to stay with you. Book seats ahead using the Opera House Calendar and be sure to look out for events marked with a red “O” for Opera House, which have surtitles in English.

4. Gather colleagues or fellow attendees to take part in a Pub Quiz with Operation Budapest, the best English-speaking pub quiz in the city.

The next quiz will be on Wednesday, 07 June, just in time for the first day of the conference. Whether you’ve spent the day sightseeing or sharpening your skills in the conference workshops, this is a great opportunity to relax, practice English, and meet English speakers from all over Europe.

Patrick and Jonathan are experienced Quizmasters who know how to spice up your average pub quiz with fun riddles, good music, and excellent prizes. Reserve a table for 4-6 people on their Facebook page or by email. Tables go fast, so book ahead!

5. Another great way to network in Budapest is to do an Escape Room.


The original escape rooms were created in Budapest, and are by far the best in the world. These days, there are so many thrilling rooms to choose from throughout the city! Check out Trap, or E-escape, but we recommend MysteryGames for their incredible steampunk-inspired submarine room. Organise a team of 4-6 conference attendees and get yourself ready to race against time!

Don’t let your experience in Budapest end with the conference presentations. Follow this guide of 5 language-focused activities to expand your network and immerse yourself in a new language and culture. Here at Albion Languages, we look forward to meeting you at memoQfest 2017, and sincerely hope you enjoy your time in Budapest, our home. ????


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