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On 13 October 2016, representatives of Albion Languages attended the Hungarian Joint Venture Association’s 30th Anniversary Gala Dinner. Taking place within the illuminated halls of Gellert Thermal Spa, the event celebrated the association’s success over the last 30 years, and pointed to a bright future for its members. 

Over 200 representatives from major companies in Hungary were in attendance, including OTP, Foxconn, Kludi, Mol, and Telekom. While we would have enjoyed attending the event simply to bask in the elegance of the night, or to “raid” the tables filled with delicious food, our presence was in an official role. Albion’s interpreter, Szilárd Kővári, acted as the dedicated Hungarian to English interpreter throughout the night.

The event kicked off with a welcoming speech from actress and model, Zita Görög, our host for the evening. The guests listened from the balconies above Gellert’s main pool, where we then watched a spectacular performance by the Hungarian synchronised swimming team. With sparkling wine in hand, attendees enjoyed invigorating speeches from Mihály Varga, National Economy Minister and Co-President of the JVSZ, and Péter Tálos, President of the JVSZ. Both described the proud history of the association, and expressed an optimistic outlook for steady improvement in business investment.

By this time, the crowd were more than ready for dinner. And what a dinner it was! We were treated to a five-course meal, complete with veal rillettes, king prawns in chilli avocado cream, wild fowl soup, and Argentinean beef rump steak. Albion delegates were also lucky enough to be able to sit by members of the Budapest String Chamber Orchestra, who serenaded those present during the meal!

Throughout the event, Albion’s interpreter worked tirelessly to provide top quality interpreting fitting of the high standard of the event. English-speakers at the event were thus able to enjoy themselves without missing a word of the festivities.

About Albion Languages: Founded in 1999, Albion Languages offers translation, “localisation, and interpreting solutions, with the aim of placing the client at the centre of attention in each and every project. Our dedicated employees and specialised translators combine translation expertise with a flexible, personal service to deliver thousands of translations a year in over forty-six different languages. http://albionlanguages.com/

About the Joint Venture Association: Founded in 1986 and reformed in 1991, the JVA works to improve the economic and investment environment, provide information regarding business ventures and opportunities, and promote networking and partner-relations for its members. It consists of about 300 registered members, though 1000-1500 enterprises are associated with the Association in some way. Investors come from Hungary, as well as over 35 different countries in Europe. To learn more, visit http://www.jointventure.hu/.



Albion interpreter, Szilárd Kővári with Zita Görög, model, actress, and host of the event



Mihály Varga, National Economy Minister and Co-President of the JVSZ (photo provided by JVSZ)


Péter Tálos, President of the JVSZ  (photo provided by JVSZ)


(photo provided by JVSZ)








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