A powerful and user-friendly QA tool for the translation workflow

by Bianka Balogh, Linguist at Albion Languages

Are you tired of double checking numbers in your translation? Do you think you need a helpful tool to look for inconsistencies? If you’re looking for an easy to use and comprehensive QA checker, then Verifika is the tool you need!

Verifika is a QA software tool developed by Palex Group Inc., that helps locating all kinds of errors in bilingual translation files. Every translator knows that translation does not end with translating the last sentence of a text. A proofreading or quality assurance step is inevitable to detect errors, and also required by most translation agencies and clients.

Although most CAT tools do have integrated spell-check functions and QA modules, none of them is as thorough and extensive as Verifika. With the help of this software, you can check missing translations, consistency, terminology, spelling, grammar and repeated words, just to mention a few. The very best thing about Verifika is that you can conveniently edit the text directly in the software, sparing you the trouble of going back to the CAT tool to correct an error, and saving you a lot of time. Another useful feature of the software is that it can handle several files at the same time, allowing you to check consistency not only in one but also through several different files. It is also worth mentioning that Verifika can process a wide range of bilingual files, for example SDL, memoQ, MemSource, XLIFF and Excel files. Excel files can also be used to load terminology into Verifika, allowing you to check correct or forbidden terms in the translation.

The user interface of Verifika is quite easy to use and self-evident, you don’t have to spend hours on reading help materials or watching tutorials to learn its basic functions. If, however, a helping hand is required, then a quick start guide and detailed information is available on the software’s website (http://help.e-verifika.com/) and video tutorials on the Verifika YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/everifika/featured).

To err is human, and after long hours of translation people are more prone to overlook mistakes. For this reason, we need a reliable software to back us up, and Verifika is the best option to eliminate these human errors.


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