How you communicate with your customers is vital. Public Relations (PR) is arguably one of the most important aspects of achieving success in business today. Every company, whether a multinational corporation or a fledgling startup, needs carefully devised marketing strategies and impactful promotional material. When you want to reach markets in other languages and locales, it’s imperative that your highly focused marketing effort is supported by exceptional press release translations as part of a truly effective multilingual marketing strategy.

Only Industry-specific Translators Will Do!

While press releases are often viewed as straightforward marketing material in terms of translation requirements, achieving good results, in fact, requires a specialised approach. Using professional translators with specific knowledge of the relevant field will dramatically increase the effectiveness of your PR translations, allowing for seamless translation, transcreation and localisation without industry-specific information and terminology causing undue confusion.

PR translation requires a delicate balance between industry experience and possessing translation skills and cultural awareness of the target language to produce results that will benefit your business time and again. A professional language service provider will take extra care in allocating projects to only the most experienced translators in the relevant field so as to ensure the accuracy of the final texts. Through the use of sector experts, you can be sure that with each new communication, your message is being heard loud and clear by your customers, just how you intended it.

Preserving Your Brand in Translation

Knowing your ‘brand identity’ is vital to be able to compete on the global stage. Likewise, PR translation is key to connecting with worldwide markets, whilst maintaining your company’s presence. When considering PR translations, it’s always important to know which terms and trademarks should not be translated but rather left in the source language so as to preserve brand recognition and universality. In this case, your company name will probably need to remain unchanged, while any trademarks, product names or website URLs that you have not made new language- or region-specific alternatives for should be noted. Providing a glossary of preferred translations for specific terms your business may have translated previously can assist in achieving brand continuity and ease of recognition by your customers.

Press Release Translations: A Fast-paced World

We often hear the phrases ‘Time is of the essence’ or even ‘Time is money’, and this couldn’t apply more when it comes to the fast-paced world of PR. All around the world, press releases are created, distributed and then consumed by the public every day. Often, these translation needs have the shortest time-frames from conception through to delivery and, as such, demand a fast, flexible service that you can rely on. Professional service providers will offer a deadline guarantee for such projects to give you confidence that your PR translations will be ready on time.

Reliable Translations

Speedy delivery is obviously not the only factor contributing to effective PR translations. With so much at stake for the reputation of your business, you need to be sure that your PR translations communicate your message with both flawless accuracy and appropriate localisation. Otherwise, you run the risk of your carefully crafted PR message failing to hit the right note with the target audience. This can spell trouble for even the most successful business giants in today’s highly competitive global economy.

With so many variables to consider, in often highly stressful situations and with limited timescales, it can be difficult to know who will ‘have your back’. That’s why customer satisfaction guarantees are so important, giving clients the peace of mind that the translator’s job is only ‘finished’ when the customer is completely satisfied; when your PR translations are as flawless and ‘fit for purpose’ for the new language market as they were when you wrote them.