Albion Day 2016

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Here at Albion Languages, we are people-centred. The focus is on you, whether you are an important client or a hard-working employee. In a world of tight deadlines and demanding projects, there is nothing better than to work for a company that wants to bring warmth and joy into the lives of its employees. Happiness is not hard to find in any of our offices, and we believe that is a cause for celebration.

Every year, our three offices from Tata, Budapest, and Bratislava, come together to relax, play games, and chat over delicious Hungarian dishes. It is a chance to forget the geographical distance between us, and focus on what really matters; strong friendships, and a unified front to achieve our goals.

This year’s Albion Day was held on a warm summer day in June, in the picturesque gardens of our Tata office. We shared stories, took just a few shots of Polish vodka, and feasted on porkolt and pogácsa. An evening stroll through Tata’s fairytale English Garden offered a chance to cool off, before a heated game of table tennis ended the day on a high note.


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