The little train shook and rattled as it slowly made its way down the street, dodging cars whizzing by at twice the speed. Keeping our elbows out of the way of traffic, we leaned out the windows to get a good look at a medieval wooden clock tower (marking the site where the Hungarian Parliament was once held!) and Hungary’s oldest running hotel.

The sun was high and bright, and we lazily chatted amongst ourselves, hair blowing in the wind. Then suddenly, the train rolled to a stop, and all thirty of us hopped out. Before us lay a woodland trail.

So began Albion Day 2017. Once a year, Albion translators, project managers, and management from Bratislava, Budapest and Tata meet up at our Tata office for Albion Day. It has become a tradition that we all look forward to, as a chance to chat and unwind after months of hard work. Shop talk is banned, activities are arranged, and food and drinks are in constant supply (We lost count of the number of cookies and amazing pastries this year).

Perhaps the best thing about Albion Day is that it is entirely created by and for our team members. Everyone helps to make Albion Day a reality, from organising fun teambuilding activities to baking sweet treats (again, so many!) and grilling some tasty burgers.

The location is a highlight as well. Tata is arguably the prettiest town in Hungary and we always look forward to exploring the evergreen English gardens or biking around Old Lake beside Tata Castle. This year, we once again took the chance to spend some time in nature with a stroll through Tata’s Nature Reserve. As we followed the boardwalk trail over the expansive swampland, we counted frogs and searched for snakes under bright pink waterlilies.

After working up a serious appetite, Albion Day 2017 ended with a wonderful cookout of burgers, chicken, and roasted veggies. As the afternoon sun turned to evening, we were sad to leave but all the more ready to start planning the next team get-together. 



Jozef, Veronika B, Veronika F, Lucia, Alistair, Sándor , Piroska and Panni spot a snake!


Jana, Katarína and Petra looking cool in the shade


István and János , our talented chefs for the day


See you at the next Albion Day!

A special thank you goes to Evelin Koller, Chief Organiser of Albion Day!


Evelin Koller, Project Manager

Want to join our team? We’d love to see you at the next Albion Day! Explore opportunities with Albion Languages or contact us for more details.

“We devote particular attention to the uniqueness of projects and the human aspect. We don’t employ robots, but lively, exciting personalities. Our staff includes Napoleonic era battle reenactors, cat lovers and spicy food geeks, free-time confectioners, fanatic anglers, pug owners and yoga fans.”


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