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At Albion Languages, we understand that not all clients are the same. If you have frequent or large volume translation requirements, these merit a special level of service and focus.

We have put together our Albion Premium service package precisely in order to meet such needs.

Dedicated point of contact/language consultant

Just like having your own translation department, your dedicated point of contact is there to respond to your every language service need. Whether you have a concrete project or just need clarification on a language issue, they are there to respond swiftly via e-mail, phone or online chat. They understand the special needs and complexities of your company and its projects and how best to handle them to achieve optimal quality.

Fast track deadlines

Some projects are so mission critical, that you simply need them “yesterday”. As an Albion Premium client, we can fast track such translations for you. Through the use of our special rapid turnaround teams, we can complete projects to greatly accelerated deadlines, all without compromising on the quality you deserve.

Never lose a translation again!

Ever had the frustration of when that all important presentation or contract accidentally got wiped? As a valued Albion Translations client, we will securely store all your translations for a period of 5 years. This means you have the peace of mind of being able to retrieve your previously translated texts at any time, even from multiple projects!

Access our value-added know-how base

In order to be able to perform your projects to the highest quality, we generate a wealth of additional materials alongside the translations we deliver to you. These include extensive bilingual lists of the precise terminology specific to your field, databases of your completed translations, collections of sector-specific information links, etc. Premium clients only are able to access these valuable professional materials without restriction, free of charge!

Preferential rates exclusively for Premium clients

Naturally, we also highly value the frequency and volume of your translation projects as a reliable source of business for our own company. As a sign of appreciation for your trust, we have created special preferential rate bands for clients just like you. As the accumulated value of the projects ordered rises, so we can offer ever more attractive rate levels.


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