Climate change and sustainability are timely topics, even with the background of the current Covid-19 pandemic. With many businesses challenged by how to communicate and mitigate their environmental impact in the long term, we believe it is more important than ever to aim to be transparent about sustainable business.

In this month’s Ask Albion blog and our accompanying infographic, we outline Albion Languages’ commitment to implementing and promoting more sustainable business practices. This includes what we’re doing in the here and now, both in-house and to support our clients in their endeavours to improve their environmental impact. We’ll also be discussing our future plans to keep our business as climate-friendly as possible in the years to come.

Tackling the challenges of climate change and sustainability

Helping to connect the world is at the heart of what we do; bringing different markets and businesses across Europe and the wider world together through accurate, culturally-sensitive translation. We recognise the impact of globalisation; both the benefits and the challenges that doing business internationally can bring. As such, we are passionate about sustainable business and making greener choices.

According to and NASA data, 2019 was the second warmest year on record. The same article also noted that 11 percent of emissions caused by humans were due to deforestation. The effects of not being sustainable are life-changing; ecosystems will continue to alter, diseases may spread and less freshwater will be available. Businesses have a huge part to play in tackling this, in considering everything from supply chain through staff commuting to even simple things like paper usage. Sustainable business means considering carbon footprints and how they can be reduced.

Helping to ensure a sustainable supply chain

We specialise in translation, localisation and other language-focused services to assist businesses operating internationally or with international connections. In this way, we help businesses overcome a wide range of language barriers. As part of this, we recognise that we need to play our part in helping supply chains lower their environmental impact. One bottom line measure we have introduced is to offer special discounted pricing for our services to clients offering environmentally-sound products or services or demonstrating a commitment to working towards that goal.

A major part of our business is supporting clients in entering new and emerging markets, as well as helping businesses to import and export. In our view, assisting companies involved in international trade to overcome language barriers can be part of helping companies reconsider outmoded habits. In sustainable business practices as elsewhere, communication is key.

Promoting sustainable business

Some examples of how we can help are assisting companies specifically to switch over to remote interpreting/meetings, increase remote training and use localised e-learning courses. We also aid companies in developing local partnerships in target markets rather than using long supply chains. We try to develop a consultative approach together with clients and go beyond mere transactions by actively learning about the issues/challenges they are facing.

At the same time, we are also taking concrete steps internally to become a more sustainable business. The services we offer are produced electronically for the most part, and we place a major emphasis in our processes on being paper-free, avoiding waste and managing our environmental impact. We carefully monitor and limit non-public transport use and organise further use of outmoded equipment. We also promote cooperation with partners (clients and suppliers) who value green concerns themselves too.

Working towards a greener future

At Albion Languages, we are continually working towards sustainability. We regularly review our sustainability action plan including our energy, transport and paper usage. We continue to support green business ideas and corporate sustainability, dedicating time and money to improvement. We are also keeping up with sustainability developments in the wider business community. We recently became involved with the Green Growth Platform, a green business innovation network in our region of Sussex, which is part of the Clean Growth Hub in the South East.

Are you interested in finding out about how getting over language barriers can help you create a more sustainable business? Contact us today for more information.