How Can Translation Help in Targeting a Senior Audience?

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Translation has always played a vital role in ensuring the success of any global brand or international venture. Being able to communicate clearly to your target audience across language barriers is key to the success of any business. This is especially the case in translation for the life sciences sector in that they require as high a level of skill and expertise as arguably any other sector in translation. However, the need for cultural and target market-relevant localisation is quickly becoming the preferred method so as to not only speak ‘at’ your audience but rather, directly to them, in a way that is clear and accessible to them. But how to achieve that with a senior market?


Medical Translations

Many disciplines are involved in the fields of clinical trials, medical device manufacturing, medical research and the production of international medical journals. All medical translators, proofreaders and editors alike need to have specialised medical knowledge and work experience relevant to the translation. Accuracy has always been of utmost importance in this specialised area of translation, however, with global trends shifting, a localisation approach that is both “market-aware” and takes cultural nuances into consideration is often proving to be the most effective approach.


High Stakes

Throughout the life sciences sector, mistakes are almost always costly. Incorrect translations or misused cultural references can cause major issues and even irreparably damage a brand’s industry reputation. In fact, life sciences firms are increasingly having their content not merely translated but rather localised to ensure that the content is both accurate and understandable, whilst avoiding any potentially embarrassing faux pas or linguistic mistakes. The tone of the original must be retained intact so that the hard work put in to produce the original engaging content is not lost during the translation process, or worse, is not conveyed well in the cultural context of the new language markets.  


How Can Translation Service Providers Help?

Translation service providers can offer considerable help. Good marketing strategies often emphasize the importance of striking the right ‘tone’ in content production. This is especially the case when considering a more senior audience. Not only should the cultural and linguistic variations of the target language be taken into account, but also the way in which the intended or likely target market will interact and relate to the content when encountering it.


Senior Target Markets

Naturally, the over 65 age bracket will engage with content in a very different way to how a 25-year-old might. Being aware of these differences, and localising appropriately is key to the success of translation efforts. Skilled linguists will be able to appropriately assess the overall needs of the content. When faced with medical translations, the need for accuracy can overshadow the importance of cultural nuances and being aware of the intended audience. This is often to the detriment of the translation and can even render the marketing message ineffective.


Likewise, a translator who is localising medical content should be a ‘safety net’ against any embarrassing ‘faux pas’ or failures to connect properly with the local or age bracket audience.


The Importance of Localising for Different Audiences

The same jokes, cultural references and even syntax that would be perfectly acceptable for a younger audience, may not translate literally or contextually in a way that will generate interest or foster understanding in a different market. In this sense, translators can guide the process in the right direction by adapting content to convey the message concisely whilst still communicating with each audience directly.


Whether targeting seniors, boomers, millennials or even children, communicating sensitively to the differing needs of your target market will allow your medical translations to communicate the right messages to everyone, anywhere around the globe, in a language and tone that they can understand.




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