• Minority languages in the UK

    A Look At The Minority Languages in the UK

    As a whole, we Brits have an (often well-earned) reputation of being pretty terrible at languages. The signs are there from comic scenes featuring middle-aged holidaymakers in Spain shouting and waving their arms around in a vain attempt to be understood, to more serious recent headlines about the number of students taking language GCSEs being in decline.

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  • Translations made to measure

    by Rachel Hideg, into English proofreader at Albion Languages

    In September 1999, NASA lost its Mars Climate Orbiter, worth USD 125 million, because the on-board software on the spacecraft was using the metric unit of Newton-seconds to measure impulse, while the ground computers were running software using the imperial unit of pound-seconds for the same measurement.

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  • Celebrating 5 years at Albion Languages

    Our Senior Project Manager and Training Coordinator, Piroska Ténai is celebrating 5 years at the company. For this occasion we asked her about her favourite memories from the past 5 years, and what she is looking forward to this year.

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  • Patent translation

    How to keep patent translation costs under control

    Patents are only valid in the country they’re filed in, which means that if you’re planning to go global, you’ll need to have your patent filed in every country you’re interested in. Moreover, most patent offices require applications to be submitted in the country’s native language, which is where patent translation comes in. Read more »

  • agile localisation

    Agile localization – what is it and how can it be achieved?

    When we hear the word agile, 2 things come to mind. First off, maybe someone sporty, and secondly, you often think of IT and software solutions. With enterprise IT teams already used to Scrum and other such models, their expectations have been changed. And this has meant other departments, like localisation, have had to modernise the way they work, too.

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  • sports translations

    A Look At The World Of Sports Translations

    If there’s one thing that has the power to unite the world, it’s got to be sport. Ice hockey in Canada, gymnastics in China – no matter where you’re from, there’s going to be a sport you, or your country, loves. But with so many international sporting events taking place around the world, how does the sporting industry deal with the complex language barriers?

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