• How to Become a Translator in the UK

    How to Become a Translator in the UK

    The role of a translator is to communicate a message from one language into another – usually from the source language into their native language. As well as requiring knowledge of the source language, a translator must also be adept in their use of their native language to produce writing that sounds natural. In this post, we’re going to look at the road to becoming a translator.

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  • Translation

    How Translation Services Can Help Your Business Grow

    When you communicate solely in English, you’re reaching out to about twenty percent of the world’s population – and only just over five percent of people are native speakers. To put it another way, one hundred percent of your efforts are ignoring eighty percent of those who could be reading your message. In this blog post, we’re going to explore three benefits of translation services for your business to help you focus your full attention on the audience that’s out there waiting for you.

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  • Bad translations

    Why bad translations matter

    Bad translations are infamous the world over. From the funny Asian translations, you can see online to crazy billboards with taglines that just don’t make sense. But what does a bad translation really mean? And how can it damage your business? To prove that quality translations pay off, let’s take a closer look at these questions.

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  • I met Central Europe and much more! – conference report by Stevan Ulama

    The Meet Central Europe Conference is primarily aimed at Vendor Managers (under the title “Inspiring Vendor Managers”), but also CEOs, project managers, freelance translators, etc. The whole idea of finally dedicating a full conference to vendor managers was realised for the first time last year when it was held in Budapest.

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  • AI

    AI in clinical trials

    One might assume that, due to their nature, AI has no or little role to play in clinical trials. But with medical technology constantly evolving, innovation through AI is also being sought in this field. So that we can understand how the new trends in clinical trials will eventually impact upon the way we translate, let’s take a look at the use of AI in clinical trials.

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  • Celebrating 5 years with Petra Kis-Jakab

    Last week, we celebrated the 5th Albion anniversary of our Finance and Resouces superwoman, Petra Kis-Jakab. In this short interview, we asked her to share her favourite memories and motivational tips.

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