• Brexit’s silver lining – the demand for foreign languages

    With the likelihood of a no-deal Brexit seemingly drawing closer by the day, as a UK-based company, we’re naturally concerned about what the future may hold. In our line of work, we’re very much affected by trends in international trade. Our customers include companies doing business abroad, who need their documents translating into an array of languages. So, what does Brexit hold in store for the likes of us? Is it all doom and gloom? Luckily, it doesn’t seem so.

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  • Translation service

    Choosing the right translation service

    If you’re new to the wonderful world of translation, the numerous services we offer can take some getting used to. By finding out more about the differences between services, it will not only help you understand what range is on offer but also ensure that you order the right service for your company.

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  • Glossary Creation

    Glossary creation

    In an earlier blog post, we wrote about terminology management and how to make sure your terminology is all in order. In aiming to achieve consistency, having all your terminology properly stored in a glossary makes all the difference. In this latest post then, we’d like to look into glossary creation and best practices.

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  • Interview with ITI

    To celebrate joining ITI (Institute of Translation and Interpreting), we asked its Membership Manager, Jacqui Flint a few questions about the organisation.

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  • 6-eye principle

    Translation & proofreading – why opt for the 6-eye principle?

    One of the most common issues translation buyers tend to face with translation services is proofreading. Why pay extra for proofreading when you’re already paying for a professional translation? While we totally understand the initial concern, proofreading really does make a significant difference to the final result. To help you take your translation from being a good one to a great one, here’s some more background info on the six-eye principle and why translation and proofreading are a match made in heaven.

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  • translation automisation

    Translation Automisation

    With almost every other industry out there busy automising, what is the situation in the translation industry? Although translation automisation is fairly new by industry standards, it’s clearly going to make a massive impact upon the way both translation buyers and translation agencies deal with translation management. As we love being at the forefront of everything tech-related, this week we’re going to be taking a look at translation automisation and how it can help you. Read more »

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