• Engineering translation – why use Simplified Technical English?

    Simplified Technical English (STE) was developed in the early 1980s (as AECMA Simplified English) to help second-language speakers of English clearly and easily understand technical manuals written in English. Read more »

  • Due care and attention: Tips for translating legalese

    The table of contents of the Ashgate Handbook of Legal Translation, a collection of essays by legal scholars and linguists, illustrates the scope of the challenge facing legal translators: “Translation vs. Decoding Strategies in Law…”, “Linguistic Diversity and the Elusive Quest for Plain Meaning in the Law”, and “Trying to See the Wood Despite the Trees”. With “legalese” being synonymous with obscurity, the difficulties that a legal translator is up against are clear, although there are many resources and tips to help and guide. Read more »

  • Making communication translation-friendly

    Translation services are a vital part of reaching a wider international audience, and there are steps you can take to make the process smoother. In this blog post, we’re going to look at some key tips for making your writing suitable for translation, and the benefits that this approach to writing can offer your business.

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  • The challenges of legal translation

    Every translation presents its own unique challenges – from full localisation to coping with slang, several areas need to work together to make a text “speak” to those reading it. Legal text can prove especially tricky to translate due to the specifics; being too vague can easily cause a headache for all involved. So how do you surmount the difficulties of translating legal text? 

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  • English grammar – common mistakes and how to avoid them

    English grammatical mistakes can be easy to make – but when it comes to messaging, keeping your grammar in check can make all the difference. Poorly created sentence structure and wrongly placed punctuation can change the meaning of a sentence altogether.

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  • Ask Albion – lease abstraction and translation, your questions answered

    Lease abstraction is an efficient and cost-effective way to professionally condense and translate key information from leases and other legal agreements. Leases can run to many pages, sometimes hundreds, which can make handling them an issue from both a time and money perspective.

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