• Manufacturing translation – achieving full compliance with the right industry terminology

    Accurate manufacturing translation is crucial in ensuring proper and safe use of manufacturing equipment. The information recorded in texts such as labels and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) is essential in each stage of the product lifecycle. This begins with research and construction and continues right through to transport, handling, use, and eventual disposal.

    In this Ask Albion blog, Albion Languages’ manufacturing translation experts tackle the importance of using correct industry-specific terminology. Our specialists also discuss how to make sure product information meets regulations and standards for the target country.

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  • Education translation – the importance of cross-border communication

    September 8th will mark International Literacy Day. This event has got the team at Albion Languages thinking about why cross-border communication plays such an important part in modern literacy. In this blog about education translation, we will discuss why research has its own set of rules when it comes to the written word, plus how languages influence literacy around the world.

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  • Patent translation in 2020 – protecting your intellectual property across International boundaries

    Patent translation can help protect your intellectual property overseas, but is also a complex area of translation with no room for error or confusion. As globalisation and diversification bring opportunities for selling abroad, it is important especially in competitive and saturated markets to avoid your products being copied. In the latest blog in our “Ask Albion” series, our experts discuss patent translation and its importance in the 2020 global marketplace…

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  • Ask Albion: Coronavirus translations– why multilingual safety information matters

    A recent letter to the health secretary reported by the BBC online has raised the issue of access to coronavirus advice. The government claims that translations of coronavirus guidance have been completed into 25 languages. However, campaigners have raised concerns over the number of languages translated into and the time taken to edit advice when rules change. Coronavirus information translations are crucial in Britain as it is estimated that over four million citizens don’t consider English to be their first language. In our latest Ask Albion, we discuss access to healthcare information…

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  • Tell a joke day – potential banana skins when translating humour

    There are many intricacies in language and one of the trickiest to reproduce in translation is humour. Translating humour is far from easy as jokes can take many forms and humour often varies between cultures. Sunday 16th August 2020 is ‘tell a joke day’, and, to mark the occasion, our language experts are discussing all things translating humour and why poorly translated humour can leave the joke on you!

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  • Transcreation – what it is and why you need it

    Transcreation plays an important part in translating content – whatever the language. Transcreation is based on the idea that certain translated texts need adapting to ensure the tone, context and colloquialisms make sense in the local language. Direct translations of specific words and phrases must be relatable in different countries and cultures where humour, syntax and cultural norms may differ. Put literally, the word transcreation itself is derived from ‘creative translation’. In this blog, our language specialists answer your questions…

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