Budapest Wine Festival: Where vintage meets modernity through localisation

For 25 years now, the illuminated garden terraces of Buda Castle have played host to the largest wine festival in Central and Eastern Europe. Every September, the Budapest Wine Festival offers a chance to indulge in the aromatic pleasures of Hungarian wine, and partake in provincial harvest festivities. Whilst offering a taste of “vintage” good times, the festival also embraces the demands of today’s globalised tourism.

Welcoming tens of thousands of visitors from near and far, the festival aims to provide accurate, reader-friendly information in the native languages of its visitors. For seven years, the Budapest Wine Festival has counted on Albion Languages to deliver full Hungarian to English localisation of its website content, and Hungarian to French localisation of online articles. Projects have ranged from detailed schedule and ticket information to creative articles about festival programmes and gastronomy. Throughout the years, the expert translators at Albion Languages have worked tirelessly to deliver localisation fitting of the fine wines of the festival.

“Albion Languages has helped us a great deal in localising our English website”, said Gábor Antal, Event Coordinator for the Budapest Wine Festival at Hungarian Viti- and Viniculture Nonprofit Ltd. “As well as professional excellence, their customer service is flawless, too – quick and efficient, kind and constructive.”

This year, the Budapest Wine Festival will return to Buda Castle on 8-11 September. The products of more than 200 wineries from 15 countries, including the famous Hungarian wine cellars of Villány, Eger, Szekszárd, and Tokaj, are sure to entice wine connoisseurs and wine-tasting enthusiasts alike. Prepare to dance the night away at the Folk Music Gala, and step back into time as the Harvest Parade sweeps by. It is truly a festival of vintage elegance and rustic delights, and one that we don’t intend to miss. Albion Languages trusts that our localisation of the Budapest Wine Festival website made the event all that more accessible to English and French speakers in Hungary and from abroad. We hope to see you there!

The Budapest Wine Festival:

8-11 September 2016



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