Case study: Video localisation for CBRE

Case study: Video localisation for CBRE


About CBRE

CBRE, Coldwell Banker Richard Ellis, was founded in 1906 to invest in properties in need of improvement before sale. Purchased as part of ING in 2011, it has since become the largest real estate investment manager in the world, and the highest-rated company in its sector. Today, it continues to offer real estate consulting and other services to its clients worldwide.

Where we came in

Given its global focus, CBRE relies on localisation to reach its customers globally. In our relationship over many years, Albion Languages has acted as a trusted business partner, dedicated to managing CBRE’s frequent, multilingual translation projects.

The challenge

Recently, CBRE has faced ever-growing demand to provide company information to its 70,000 employees worldwide in their multitude of native languages. In order to keep up with the pace of such a growing business, this information is required continuously and to demanding turnaround times.

In May this year, CBRE launched a key localisation project for one of its core internal company videos, MyCBRE.

Designed for use as a training tool for CBRE offices worldwide, the video needed to be localised into a large number of languages and to a tight deadline.

The Solution

The English video script was divided efficiently into easy-to-read captions with video stills and cues to make context clear. The prepared content was sent to our expert teams for translation before undergoing rigorous editing and quality control check.

The script was translated into 20 languages from across Europe, Asia, and the Americas, including Danish, Czech, Chinese, Malay, French Canadian, and Brazilian Portuguese. Special attention was paid to cultural differences and adaptations made where necessary.

The final product was then rendered as subtitles onto the video track.

The Result

Albion Languages met all the deadline and language requirements. What’s more, the final product was fully customised with the necessary subtitle font styles, colours, and background colours. We could even adjust the subtitle position for a range of different video players.

The project proved to be a great success and paved the way for a further series of in-company video and document projects.

With Albion Languages at their side, CBRE can provide invaluable information to its employees worldwide.

Marco Vivoli

"Communication is easy and fast and we always get high quality translations on time and at good rates. Albion is rather our business partner than a mere supplier."

Marco Vivoli - CBRE Language Centre Manager