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  • Communicating effectively in logistics and supply chain-01

    Communicating effectively in logistics and supply chain

    The logistics and supply chain sector has experienced extreme challenges during the Coronavirus pandemic. A survey conducted in March by the Institute for Supply Chain Management found that nearly 75 per cent of companies reported supply chain disruptions in one form or another due to Covid-19-related transportation restrictions.

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  • What Makes Automotive Translation Special_

    What Makes Automotive Translation Special?

    Translation requirements differ from one industry to another. Different language is used in medical translations and legal translations. So what makes automotive translation so special? In this post, we’re going to take a look at some of the features of an automotive translation company, and explore what makes it so different compared to standard translation.

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  • How Translation can help the whole Automotive Supply Chain.

    In the ever evolving and fast paced global market, every industry can benefit from effective, focused translation services. If you want to succeed on the competitive international stage, you need to speak the language of each of those involved; in this instance, from original equipment manufacturers to end consumers.


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