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  • sustainable business

    Ask Albion: supporting sustainable business across the globe

    Climate change and sustainability are timely topics, even with the background of the current Covid-19 pandemic. With many businesses challenged by how to communicate and mitigate their environmental impact in the long term, we believe it is more important than ever to aim to be transparent about sustainable business.

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  • Ask Albion – lease abstraction and translation, your questions answered

    Lease abstraction is an efficient and cost-effective way to professionally condense and translate key information from leases and other legal agreements. Leases can run to many pages, sometimes hundreds, which can make handling them an issue from both a time and money perspective.

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  • small business

    How small businesses are adapting in the face of Covid-19 adversity

    The Covid-19 pandemic is a difficult time for everyone; none more so of course than those on the NHS front line. Businesses and workers across the globe have had to adapt in ways that may have seemed unimaginable just a few months ago. As part of National Small Business week (3-9 May), this article will focus on how small businesses specifically are adapting to ensure they weather this storm.  

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  • Translation data security- keeping information safe-01

    Translation data security: keeping information safe

    Data security is incredibly important, whatever information your company handles. As the digital word – and our reliance upon it – grows, data breaches are increasingly becoming one of the top risks to any business. This April, to mark Records and Information Management Month (RIMM), our translation experts offer their advice on how you can avoid common data management lapses, and stay on top of your translation data security.

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  • AA Infographic Website Header-02

    Ask Albion – How can translation services help your business move into the fast lane?

    In this new series of Ask Albion blogs, our team of translation experts is here to answer your frequently asked questions. This first edition of Ask Albion will look at how translation can help businesses push the boundaries and explore new directions.

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  • Building Services

    Building Services – Why effective communication in any language is paramount

    Tendering and bidding are an integral part of the building services industry’s efforts in securing building contracts and ensuring future profitability. Our translation experts explain why effective communication in any language is so important, but especially when targeting lucrative foreign contracts.

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