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  • education translation

    Education translation – the importance of cross-border communication

    September 8th will mark International Literacy Day. This event has got the team at Albion Languages thinking about why cross-border communication plays such an important part in modern literacy. In this blog about education translation, we will discuss why research has its own set of rules when it comes to the written word, plus how languages influence literacy around the world.

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  • Translation by numbers4

    Translations made to measure

    by Rachel Hideg, into English proofreader at Albion Languages

    In September 1999, NASA lost its Mars Climate Orbiter, worth USD 125 million, because the on-board software on the spacecraft was using the metric unit of Newton-seconds to measure impulse, while the ground computers were running software using the imperial unit of pound-seconds for the same measurement.

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  • 5 Expert Tips for Efficient and Effective Translations

    Translators- we’re an intriguing breed, aren’t we? In our unique field of work, busy bees, free birds, and wise old owls all strive to help others effectively communicate across language barriers. It is a noble goal, and one that only be accomplished when we work together.

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