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  • patent translation

    Patent translation in 2020 – protecting your intellectual property across International boundaries

    Patent translation can help protect your intellectual property overseas, but is also a complex area of translation with no room for error or confusion. As globalisation and diversification bring opportunities for selling abroad, it is important especially in competitive and saturated markets to avoid your products being copied. In the latest blog in our “Ask Albion” series, our experts discuss patent translation and its importance in the 2020 global marketplace…

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  • Due care and attention: Tips for translating legalese

    The table of contents of the Ashgate Handbook of Legal Translation, a collection of essays by legal scholars and linguists, illustrates the scope of the challenge facing legal translators: “Translation vs. Decoding Strategies in Law…”, “Linguistic Diversity and the Elusive Quest for Plain Meaning in the Law”, and “Trying to See the Wood Despite the Trees”. With “legalese” being synonymous with obscurity, the difficulties that a legal translator is up against are clear, although there are many resources and tips to help and guide. Read more »

  • Challenges of legal translation

    The challenges of legal translation

    Every translation presents its own unique challenges – from full localisation to coping with slang, several areas need to work together to make a text “speak” to those reading it. Legal text can prove especially tricky to translate due to the specifics; being too vague can easily cause a headache for all involved. So how do you surmount the difficulties of translating legal text? 

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  • The UK Legal System and Translators1

    The UK Legal System and Translators

    The UK legal system can appear complicated to an outsider, and presents challenges for anyone looking to do business in the UK when their first language isn’t English. In this post, we’re going to briefly introduce the UK legal system and examine the role and importance of translators in using and understanding legal documents.

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  • Legal document translation

    The ins and outs of legal document translation services

    No matter which sector your company operates in, the chances are you’re going to be dealing with legal documents at some point. From sales agreements to work contracts and terms and conditions – no company can function without them. And, if you’re doing business internationally, you’ll need to get them translated too! So, let’s take a look at the world of legal document translation and how to get everything in place.

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  • Medical devices

    It’s not long until the EU’s new medical device regulations come into force – how ready are you?

    When it was announced back in 2017 that the EU would be changing how it regulates medical devices in 2020, companies seemed to have plenty of time to adjust to the new way of doing things. But with 2020 fast approaching, what do these new regulations mean, and most importantly, are we ready?

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