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  • translating humour

    Tell a joke day – potential banana skins when translating humour

    There are many intricacies in language and one of the trickiest to reproduce in translation is humour. Translating humour is far from easy as jokes can take many forms and humour often varies between cultures. Sunday 16th August 2020 is ‘tell a joke day’, and, to mark the occasion, our language experts are discussing all things translating humour and why poorly translated humour can leave the joke on you!

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  • International Marketing

    Introduction to International Marketing

    Getting your content translated is great – but it’s only as good as your marketing strategy. Without having an international marketing plan in place, you’re risking investing lots of money in translation and not seeing it pay off. So, to avoid this happening here’s a short introduction to the world of international marketing and how we can help as LSPs.

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  • Marketing Materials Formal or Informal register

    Informal or Formal Registers: Which is Suitable for Marketing Materials?

    One of the first things businesses need to decide about when creating new marketing materials is what brand image they wish to portray. There has been a trend in recent years in this regard, to switch from formal language to a more informal, friendly mode of communication between businesses and consumers. With so much of our lives now online, many of us prefer to engage with shorter, easy to digest advertising over the previous formal, face-to-face conversations that used to be employed to close sales.

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  • Translation is key to international marketing

    Translation is Key to Any International Marketing Strategy

    With so many businesses taking advantage of an ever more interconnected world, international marketing is rapidly becoming a focus for not only the biggest players but for all. This dynamic and exciting way of reaching a larger audience is now open to almost any company wishing to test the waters with their product or service.

    Translation is usually viewed as merely a first step into new markets, with many relying on the translation of their current website to drive sales in new language markets in the same way as their original website did at local market level. Unfortunately, such efforts can fail to make a significant impact on the new market and ultimately lead to disappointment. In fact, there are many other areas too in which translation can be an invaluable partner in implementing your international marketing strategy.

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  • press release translations

    A Guide to Achieving Effective Press Release Translations

    How you communicate with your customers is vital. Public Relations (PR) is arguably one of the most important aspects of achieving success in business today. Every company, whether a multinational corporation or a fledgling startup, needs carefully devised marketing strategies and impactful promotional material. When you want to reach markets in other languages and locales, it’s imperative that your highly focused marketing effort is supported by exceptional press release translations as part of a truly effective multilingual marketing strategy.

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