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  • patent translation

    Patent translation in 2020 – protecting your intellectual property across International boundaries

    Patent translation can help protect your intellectual property overseas, but is also a complex area of translation with no room for error or confusion. As globalisation and diversification bring opportunities for selling abroad, it is important especially in competitive and saturated markets to avoid your products being copied. In the latest blog in our “Ask Albion” series, our experts discuss patent translation and its importance in the 2020 global marketplace…

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  • translating humour

    Tell a joke day – potential banana skins when translating humour

    There are many intricacies in language and one of the trickiest to reproduce in translation is humour. Translating humour is far from easy as jokes can take many forms and humour often varies between cultures. Sunday 16th August 2020 is ‘tell a joke day’, and, to mark the occasion, our language experts are discussing all things translating humour and why poorly translated humour can leave the joke on you!

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  • transcreation

    Transcreation – what it is and why you need it

    Transcreation plays an important part in translating content – whatever the language. Transcreation is based on the idea that certain translated texts need adapting to ensure the tone, context and colloquialisms make sense in the local language. Direct translations of specific words and phrases must be relatable in different countries and cultures where humour, syntax and cultural norms may differ. Put literally, the word transcreation itself is derived from ‘creative translation’. In this blog, our language specialists answer your questions…

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  • How can a dedicated Project Manager assist with your translation project_-01

    How can a dedicated project manager assist with your translation project?

    In the translation industry, project management plays a crucial role in the success of a translation project. As this sector is enjoying impressive growth, translation agencies need to deal with many new projects every day. The variety of topics can be very extensive, from localising a high school certificate to translating the manual for a medical device.

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  • How translation services can help your business secure international tenders

    How translation services can help your business secure international tenders

    The perpetual development of the technological world – and our increasing reliance upon it – has led to the lowering of many historical borders. As a consequence, countless business opportunities which would have once seemed logistically impractical are now commonplace.

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  • 7 home office tips from Steffy

    7 tips on how not to lose hope – home office during COVID-19

    by Project Managers Péter Müller and Tibor Pék

    With distressing news circulating about the coronavirus outbreak, you will probably have been asked to work from home for an indefinite time. At first it might seem a bit like a holiday: you can get comfortable, sit around in your bathrobe or pyjamas with your favourite band on full blast, or have a chat with your cat as it sleeps on the keyboard.

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