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  • Translation data security- keeping information safe-01

    Translation data security: keeping information safe

    Data security is incredibly important, whatever information your company handles. As the digital word – and our reliance upon it – grows, data breaches are increasingly becoming one of the top risks to any business. This April, to mark Records and Information Management Month (RIMM), our translation experts offer their advice on how you can avoid common data management lapses, and stay on top of your translation data security.

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  • How translation services can help your business secure international tenders

    How translation services can help your business secure international tenders

    The perpetual development of the technological world – and our increasing reliance upon it – has led to the lowering of many historical borders. As a consequence, countless business opportunities which would have once seemed logistically impractical are now commonplace.

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  • 7 home office tips from Steffy

    7 tips on how not to lose hope – home office during COVID-19

    by Project Managers Péter Müller and Tibor Pék

    With distressing news circulating about the coronavirus outbreak, you will probably have been asked to work from home for an indefinite time. At first it might seem a bit like a holiday: you can get comfortable, sit around in your bathrobe or pyjamas with your favourite band on full blast, or have a chat with your cat as it sleeps on the keyboard.

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  • raisa mcnab

    Interview with Raisa McNab – CEO of ATC

    We are proud to be members of the ATC (Association of Translation Companies) in 2020, too. To celebrate the renewal of our membership, we asked CEO Raisa McNab a few questions about the goals and current activities of the association. Thank you, Raisa, for kindly taking part.

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  • global translation services 1

    Global translation services

    Each and every type of translation needs its own customised approach. That’s why there’s such a big difference between ordering a limited range of translations and needing global translation services on a large scale. After spending the last few weeks focusing on niche services such as certified translations, we’re going to look at going global now and how to ramp up your translated content without getting too bogged down in the process.

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  • Professional translation services 2

    What sets professional translation services apart from the rest?

    We’re living in a world where remote work and working on the go are becoming ever more popular. In a parallel development, this kind of shift in working patterns has been accompanied by an increase in people offering services that can be provided from anywhere, such as graphic design, English teaching, and of course, translation. But does this mean that clients are benefitting from a better choice of professional translation services? Unfortunately, not. To examine the reason for this, this week, we’re going to be taking a look at the difference between professional translation services and other offerings on the market.

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