Celebrating 5 years at Albion Languages – Michal Senesi

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Our Senior Project Manager, Michal Senesi is celebrating 5 years at the company. For this occasion we asked him to reflect on his favourite memories from the past 5 years.

What are your favourite memories from the last 5 years?

My favourite memories are basically all the memories I have with all members of our Bratislava crew, the team-buildings we had and all the good vibes in the office. I also include the “Albion days” we had during the years to this list – it is always great fun to meet the colleagues from all our offices.

What is it that you’re most proud of in connection with your work?

I’m most proud to know that our work really matters – whether the projects concern translations for medical devices and pharmaceutical products which help to save lives or translations for different technical devices and products which help to make all our lives easier and more comfortable, it is always good to know that our work has a true meaning.

How do you think the industry has changed since you’ve been here?

The industry changed a bit during my time here. For example, automated translations slowly made their way into the translation industry which we can see on the increasing amount of MTPE tasks etc.

How do you keep motivated on difficult days?

When I have a challenging project or a very busy day, I always try to take the best from it. I know that every difficulty will ultimately make me better in my position – it means more experience, more knowledge. And also, it is good to have in mind that every week ends with a weekend :)

Do you have any exciting projects in the near future you can talk about?

There are always projects which are exciting, whether it is a big task for an internet giant or a series of jobs for well established brand in the medical industry, one thing is for sure – the life of people in the translation industry is never boring.


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