Celebrating 5 years at Albion Languages

Our Senior Project Manager and Training Coordinator, Piroska Ténai is celebrating 5 years at the company. For this occasion we asked her about her favourite memories from the past 5 years, and what she is looking forward to this year.

What are your favourite memories from the last 5 years?

Since I’m a person who values the tiniest moments of joy in life, my favourite memories from the past five years have been the magical moments, like:

  • Finding the Napos Cats in the garden at the Tata office with Rozi when they were only kittens.
  • All the beautiful mornings when I worked in the Tata office and walked by the lake every day.
  • When I got a doughnut from Sophie without a reason.

What is it that you’re most proud of in connection with your work?

It is definitely when I won the Most Translator-Friendly Project Manager of 2016 award in the “Like a Swiss Watch” category. It was a real honour as one of our freelancers nominated me, and others supported the nomination.

How do you think the industry has changed since you’ve been here?

I think it is more challenging to complete a project these days than it was five years ago. Deadlines are tighter, there are more instructions to follow, stricter rules. With a greater number of and smarter CAT tools and with machine translation gaining ground, the scene is constantly changing and those who want to stay in the game, have to learn and adapt fast.

How do you keep motivated on difficult days?

I always put others first, so it is easy for me to stay motivated. I feel the best when I can help others. In other words, the difficult days are my favourite ones. Usually, I only see problems for a few seconds, after that, I see opportunities and solutions. Like everyone else, I have days when my motivation drops, but when my fellow colleagues ask for my advice or a new project arrives, I start to enjoy again the fact that I can help.

Do you have any exciting projects in the near future you can talk about?

Oh, yes! We are planning our annual workshop for internal colleagues which will be in May. It is usually a Saturday, when we travel to the Tata office from all other offices and teach each other some tips and tricks, have a nice lunch together. We talk about our daily work to each other and switch places to get a better understanding of the roles of the colleagues we work with. The aim is to strengthen the already great teamwork and have some fun?

In addition, my other important project right now is helping with securing the company’s ISO certification. It is a big responsibility, but I’m happy and excited to be involved in this process.





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