Code of ethics

At Albion Languages, as well as seeking to achieve the highest quality translation service, we also aim to ensure that our conduct in relation to clients, partners and competitors meets the strictest ethical standards.

As a demonstration of our commitment in this regard, we have introduced a demanding code of ethics in line with the ethical code applied by the highly-respected Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) of the United Kingdom.

This code of ethics is based upon three main principles:

(a) Principle 1: Honesty and integrity

(b) Principle 2: Professional competence

(c) Principle 3: Client confidentiality and trust

As for what these principles mean in practice, we would highlight a number of key points in the text of our code.



In advertising our services, we ensure that the information we include is “factual and relevant, does not mislead and is not unfair to anyone else. All marketing and promotional material shall:

  • Be legal, decent, honest and truthful
  • Respect the principles of fair competition

and shall not:

  • Imply expertise or resources beyond those that can be provided
  • Unfairly discredit competitors either directly or by implication”

Conflicts of interest

In completing projects, we carry out all work “with complete impartiality and shall disclose any business, financial or other interest that might affect this impartiality.”


In terms of integrity, we endeavour to act “with honesty, fairness and impartiality at all times and are not improperly influenced either by self-interest or the interests of others.”


Continuing professional development

We undertake “continuing professional development as appropriate, in order to continue to offer the highest possible standards of work by maintaining and updating our language skills, subject knowledge or any other skills or knowledge necessary for the work.”


We “translate only into a language that is either our mother tongue or language of habitual use”. We only translate “from those languages in which we can demonstrate we have the requisite skills.”


We endeavour to “interpret impartially between the various parties […] take all reasonable steps to ensure complete and effective communication between the parties, including intervention to prevent misunderstandings and incorrect cultural references.”

Contractual arrangements

In forming contracts, we always “provide the client with written terms and conditions of business, unless the work is repeat work for an existing client who has previously been supplied with terms of business or an urgent job, in which case terms of business must be provided as soon as practicable.”

Where we accept work on agreed terms, we “shall not unilaterally vary such terms without valid reason and giving the maximum possible notice to our client, except in cases of force majeure.”

If we receive work from a client who is acting as an intermediary, we “shall not make any direct contact with the intermediary’s client without the intermediary’s and the client’s express agreement.”

We act “fairly and ethically in respect of business relationships with suppliers, sub-contractors or customers. We settle all debts properly due without any undue delay or within any period agreed with the creditor.”


If we are “engaged in any form of competition to secure work, we act fairly and ethically with potential clients and competitors.

When competing for work, we do not “seek to gain unfair advantage with the client to the detriment of other competitors, nor attempt to influence the client to show favour or bias.”



We “maintain complete confidentiality at all times and treat any information that may come to our attention in the course of work as privileged information, not to be communicated to any third party without prior written authority.”

The complete text of the ITI code of ethics can be downloaded from the ITI website here.


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