It’s often said that one of the most important aspects of effective communication is being able to listen. This is especially true when it comes to organising successful marketing campaigns that need to translate across borders and through different cultural filters. How is this achieved? Through global market research.

In today’s ever more accessible international marketplace, expanding your business into new local markets has never been more lucrative or beneficial. That’s where global market research translation comes in. This invaluable tool is essential for the success of your brand globalisation strategy. If you are setting foot in a new language market or updating your current globalisation/international marketing content, professional market research translators can ensure you get the answers you need, to help your brand move in the right direction.

Why is Multilingual Market Research so Important?

Market research is the backbone of the effective marketing of any product or service. Just as your original research helped you to better understand your local market’s needs and how to properly meet them to make your business stand out from the crowd, so too will targeted market research for each new language and locale put you on the best possible footing for resonating with your new audiences and making your brand speak to, not at, a new market.

Market Research Translation and Globalization Success

If you want to market to customers who speak another language, making use of unique cultural influences, you first need to acknowledge that they’ll likely respond to your brand message differently to consumers in your local market. Thus, fresh market research for each target locale is a priority for the ultimate cross-regional success of your brand.

To help you achieve this goal, you need experienced research translation experts. Properly executed multilingual market research gives you the best foundations for entering a new market, making sure that your message is appropriately tailored so as to speak to your demographic.

How to Achieve Effective Market Research Translation

Market research translation needs to communicate the original content with complete accuracy so as to avoid negatively impacting on the data samples collected, thus harming the effectiveness of the intended research. It should also be noted that the research is usually aimed at a varied audience in order to gain proper insight across different socio-economic and age groups. This means that research content has to be easily comprehensible whilst at the same time maintaining a professional tone and properly conveying the information.

While businesses, like translators, are aware of the significance of linguistic differences between countries, regional language variants can also create potential obstacles for collecting useful market research data and need to be considered when preparing translations for this purpose. Taking into account the vernacular uses for terms in different areas as well as the prevalence of slang is important in making sure that the questions businesses want to be answered are in fact, what’s being asked.

Moreover, understanding cultural differences is significant in all translation and market research is no exception to this; sometimes businesses need to have their content ‘tweaked’ to remain culturally sensitive for the relevant target market. Consequently, an experienced translator will be aware of the social norms of the target market and ensure these are also taken into account.

One of the benchmarks for exceptional market research translation is the ability to work to tight deadlines, delivering precise translations in the preferred interface.

Choose Albion Translations

If you’re looking for top quality market research translations, Albion Translations can offer the vital link to that new market. Our research translators are both highly trained and experienced in market research methodology, with a keen understanding of both the language and culture of your target audience. We can offer the flawless results required to help turn your business into a global marketing success.