On 8-10 November 2016, three delegates from Albion Languages travelled to Stuttgart, Germany to visit the great conference halls of Tcworld 2016.

This annual conference is organised by Tekom, the European Association for Technical Communication. Tekom defines technical communication as, “The process of defining, creating and delivering information products for the safe, efficient and effective use of products (technical systems, software, services).” It therefore encompasses a wide range of industries and attracts hundreds of attendees from all over Europe. This year, translation agencies, software designers, and technical writers all came to mingle with colleagues and exchange ideas.

As newcomers to Tcworld, we were there to discover. We visited booths selling translation, software, and technical documentation, as we snapped a few photos of the fascinating blimp flying overhead. Of the wide variety of content on offer, we managed to choose two workshops that seemed to set the theme for our visit to Tcworld; how to communicate effectively as a technical communicator.

On Tuesday afternoon, we thoroughly enjoyed Leah Guren from Cow TC’s workshop on Management Basics: Projects, People, and Professional Growth. Using her witty sense of humour, she kept the group engaged as we discussed how frequently introverted technical writers, translators, and engineers can learn how to manage people.

On Thursday, the upbeat mood continued as IBM’s Nicky Bleiel walked us through her Presentation Skills Training camp, in which she provided insightful tips into how to beat stage fright and keep the audience engaged.

From then on, we spent most of the three days moving from booth to booth, meeting potential suppliers and chatting with old friends. Highlights of the conference were without a doubt our meetings with delegates from Crestec, and Next Level Globalization. We would also like to thank members of XTRF, MemoQ, and KantanMT for sharing some German beers and pretzels with us! :)

We at Albion Languages would like to thank the Tekom organisers of Tcworld for an exceptionally useful conference. We look forward to returning to Tcworld next year!


Production Manager, Istvan Antal and Managing Director, Alistair Binks, in front of the Tcworld conference hall




The blimp at #tekom16 #tcworld #tekom

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Istvan Antal and Alistair Binks with Nicky Bleibel, Watson Information Developer at IBM

Alistair and Istvan with Sandra Larriba, Vendor and Quality Control Coordinator at Crestec Europe B.V.


Istvan and Charlotte with Noula Aravidou, Technology Implementation Director at NLG, and Klairi Lachanidou, Lead Account Manager at NLG


Istvan in a room full of pretzels! :)


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