Internships can play a crucial role in the development of a business, as well as in a person’s career. Interns are often seen as temporary and inexperienced team members, but, with the right approach, they can become valuable assets.

Internships provide businesses like Albion Languages with a cost-effective way of hiring and training new employees. Interns bring a high level of energy and enthusiasm to the workplace. They are eager to learn and this eagerness can be contagious, positively impacting on the team’s morale, increasing productivity and overall job satisfaction.

In this blog, we speak to Anna Miklósfalvi, Senior Linguist at Albion Languages who started with us as an intern over 5 years ago.

  • Can you explain what motivated you to apply for an internship at Albion Languages?

My 2-year Translation and Interpreting master’s degree included a translation internship segment. I approached Albion Languages and discovered that I could work here full-time for two months during the summer. My aim was to learn as much in practice about my future job as possible before entering the workplace.

  • What was your first impression of the company?

I was reassured to discover I was part of a small and friendly team of kind people. Everybody was eager to teach me their work right away – I got a place next to the linguistic team lead who taught me so much and was always happy to answer my questions.

  • What are your lasting memories of your internship?
    One lasting memory is when I visited Albion’s other office in Tata, Hungary, to learn from the senior linguist. It’s a beautiful town and enjoying the garden with its two natural springs, about five different types of fruit tree and biking along the lake was a true highlight of my experience.

This does not diminish what I learnt from the team of experienced professional translators and revisers, of course. But I liked Tata so much I wanted to move there immediately!

  • What valuable skills did you learn during your internship, and how have you applied them?

Almost everything I use in my day-to-day work I have learned while at Albion. Especially in relation to processes and software, my university course provided a basic introduction to CAT tools but couldn’t prepare you for using them every day.

Also, Albion taught me the importance of revision, quality assurance, layout checks – these steps were not part of the MA curriculum, but are essential in the work we do.

  • How did you find the support and guidance you received during your internship? What impact did this have on your experience?

Everybody was extremely helpful and available, which was key to my positive internship experience here. Both the linguistic team lead and the senior linguist really took the time to teach me, so I could be a valuable member of the team, even during my internship.

I was thrilled to be given live projects on my first day – if I recall rightly. This made me feel trusted, valued, and invested in the projects.

  • Did your internship experience reinforce or change your career goals?

Near the end of my internship, I received an offer from Albion to join them permanently upon the completion of my degree. An offer which I gladly accepted. I think I was extremely lucky to have found such a good place at the first attempt.

  • Looking back on your internship, what advice would you give to someone beginning their own internship or who is considering applying for an internship in your field?

I think you should try to find an internship where you can learn as much as possible. It will benefit both you and the company. You might even be as lucky as I was and get a job offer out of it.

Internships: A Win-Win Situation for Businesses and Young Professionals

Alistair Binks, CEO at Albion Languages, believes that internships provide opportunities for businesses to mentor and guide young professionals. He states that “by investing time and resources into an intern, we can help to shape their career path and potentially create a long-term relationship with a highly skilled and dedicated employee.

“For interns, the benefits of an internship go beyond just gaining work experience, they provide a platform for personal and professional growth, allowing the development of skills, knowledge, and expansion of their professional network.

“Working with companies like us offers a valuable opportunity to work alongside experienced professionals, learn industry-specific skills and gain exposure to real-world situations, preparing them for their future careers.”

In conclusion, interns can play a crucial role in the success of a business. They bring new perspectives and ideas, high energy and enthusiasm, and provide an opportunity for businesses to mentor and guide young professionals. With the right approach, internships can lead to long-term relationships between businesses and highly skilled employees such as Anna. Investing in interns is a win-win situation for both the intern and the business. To find out more, speak to a member of our team today.