On time delivery, every time!

Never experience again the disappointment of not receiving translations on time, as agreed. At Albion Languages, all deadlines come guaranteed! In handling many hundreds of projects per month, we continuously achieve very high delivery rates on or well before the agreed deadline. However, in the highly unlikely event of a translation not being delivered on time (for whatever reason), the price of the translation is automatically reduced in accordance with the duration of the delay. This is intended to give the client peace of mind and to emphasise our commitment to customer satisfaction.

The top quality translations you deserve

In our view, a translation can only be considered to be truly finished when the customer is fully satisfied. This means that should you find our translation to be anything other than absolutely “fit for purpose”, it is sufficient to just indicate this to us and we will make all necessary revisions to the text until complete customer satisfaction is achieved.

Your rapid response team

As the use of translations is a key tool in any international company, it’s very important that deadlines are confirmed and the translation work begins as soon as possible. Consequently, we undertake to respond to all emails within a maximum of 2 hrs (typically you should expect a response in under 30 minutes). Additionally, we also undertake to offer the best possible deadline for your projects, thus accelerating the completion of your work.

Ideal translators for your projects

In order to achieve the best translation quality, it’s vital to allocate translation and proofreading to exactly the right linguistic experts (most suitable academic and professional background) for the topic of the text. We pride ourselves on taking considerable time and effort to match up translators and projects in this way. To give insight into our meticulous work, we would be glad at any time to share with you the CV of the translator who worked on your project, so you can see for yourself the background and capabilities that make them ideal for your works.

No rush surcharges, extra costs ever!

In today’s business world, the pace just keeps accelerating. We appreciate this at Albion Languages and understand the challenges it creates for companies. Unlike most other translation companies though, we never make any surcharges due to such short deadlines. In fact, we never make any surcharges for any reason (text difficulty, format of source text, etc.). As well as saving you money, this makes your costs easy to predict too. You can always count on the same competitive price, no matter what!


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