In this new series of Ask Albion blogs, our team of translation experts is here to answer your frequently asked questions. This first edition of Ask Albion will look at how translation services can help businesses push the boundaries and explore new directions.

Even if you run a successful business, there are always still opportunities worth investigating, whether for development, growth or learning. In this blog, our Ask Albion experts examine how well-translated, engaging content can help your business stop idling and move into the fast lane.


How can translation services help steer your business towards attractive new markets?
Translation can help in a number of ways. Well-translated content will often open doors, giving fast track access to international tenders. It can also provide increased traction in foreign markets, allowing for a positive – all important – first impression.

Engaging translated content also gives the opportunity to spark a connection with foreign national and sector business organisations by breaking down traditional language barriers.
In addition, there are also benefits in customer service, through improved access to local distributors, contracts and sources of information.


How can translation services help your business put its foot on the gas?
High quality translated content lets your business connect with foreign innovators, giving privileged access to the latest technology – wherever it can be found in the world. Start-ups can also be empowered to swiftly change gear, from local to global. Manufacturers can also expand production to other countries, allowing for a dramatic reduction in production and transport costs.


How can translation services provide longevity and turbocharge the engine of your business?
Well-translated content allows you to turn off the cruise control and accelerate towards full integration into foreign markets. It can spark automatic recognition, making you the go-to company when locals think of a certain product type. Your business can also take the lead in conversations about your product in foreign markets, rather than passively standing by.


As a start-up business, how can translation services help me?
Translation services can facilitate all areas of international market research – be they on social media, in person or in store – offering a clear view of the road ahead.
Translation can open doors and lead you to the right investor, wherever they are based worldwide. It connects you on a worldwide communication interchange with numerous other companies in your specialist field, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and information sharing. Translation services also provide the opportunity to present ‘yourself’ as a real local at trade fairs and conferences.


How can translation services reduce time wasted?
Translation services offer you direct access to foreign market innovations, thus speeding up your research and development. In customer service, providing access to multilingual guides and FAQs eases the handling of online traffic, giving staff a direct route to key answers and, most importantly, reducing time spent per customer.

Shock absorbers

How can translation services make your business more resilient?
Translation services can ensure you have the right protection, with foreign-language agreements, warranties and conditions becoming totally transparent, thus letting you minimise risks and be aware of potentially damaging potholes.

A thorough understanding of the market in foreign countries allows you to safeguard against market shocks, offering access to new opportunities with products adjusted to meet – or exceed – local market needs. From a financial perspective, your business is also better shielded from financial issues and can avoid potential taxation problems.


How can translation services highlight new growth areas?
Translation services allow you to highlight global research and development opportunities, adopt the latest trends and avoid falling behind your in-country competitors. Through access to translated customer feedback, you can swiftly respond to developing issues and avoid any potentially damaging collisions.

If you feel you might have reached your initial business goal, you may be tempted to take your foot off the gas. By speaking to our experts, we can help you focus on new lucrative areas your business could take you into.

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