In the ever evolving and fast paced global market, every industry can benefit from effective, focused translation services. If you want to succeed on the competitive international stage, you need to speak the language of each of those involved; in this instance, from original equipment manufacturers to end consumers.

What can Translation offer the Automotive industry?

The role of translation is invaluable to the smooth and productive operation of the entire automotive supply chain. How so? Think of translation like an important automotive lubricant that removes the friction caused by language barriers, thus allowing mutual contact between members of the supply chain. Like how any good lubricant reduces the heat generated by moving parts, so efficient translation ensures that each supplier and contact down the line can remain informed and with full insight into how they can best contribute to the success of the final product, whilst avoiding the issues that can stem from ineffective communication.

automotive supply chain

This doesn’t just hold true for success with consumers either. This doesn’t just hold true for consumer success either. A 2017 research report produced by the Automotive Council UK acknowledges that the trend is continuing towards more local supply preference, while still suggesting it is sustainably unfeasible for more than 60% of an automotive supply chain to originate from within the local target market. This means that multilingual cooperation is an essential component in this industry.

Whenever multilingual teams are working in tandem, there is clearly a need for translators to be made an integral part of that team. To achieve successful communication throughout the automotive supply chain, everyone must be kept in the conversation.

Each link is imperative to the success of the chain: the original equipment manufacturers who both design and ultimately assemble the vehicle; the first tier suppliers who manufacture parts, supplying them directly to the car manufacturer; the sub tier suppliers producing specialised and individual parts included within first tier supplier parts, infrastructure and raw material suppliers, as well as engineering firms, vehicle dealers and, of course, advertising agencies.

An automotive translation service provider must possess specialised technical knowledge and expertise with a strong understanding of the inner workings of the entire automotive industry, as well as intimate knowledge of each link of the chain. The documents needing translation are as diverse as they are numerous; everything from manuals, technical specifications to marketing materials and peer-to-peer communications. For technical specifications, all translations have to be highly specific with no room for error. Repair handbooks have added safety considerations, training materials need to remain consistent, while spare part catalogues, sales materials and brochures, web content have to be clear and accessible to all.

Translators who are specially trained in mechanical & electrical engineering, automation technology, electronics and microelectronics, navigation systems, onboard computers, wiring, air conditioning, panelling, service and diagnostics can obviously be immensely valuable to smooth communication between the different areas, bringing the chain together to work as one.

Translation tools can assist in the process from design right through to production and can make marketing management even more streamlined and effective. Memory systems and terminology databases can help in turn to maintain consistency throughout the chain, often bridging the gap between hard to ‘sell’ technical jargon and the widely used, marketing-friendly alternative terms and phrasings.

A vehicle is made up of over 15,000 components; a real orchestra of moving parts, all perfectly synchronised to work in harmony with each other to achieve forward momentum. Without seamless coefficiency,  no vehicle could ever run properly. Likewise, without highly technically skilled and industry and market savvy translation, the ever accelerating automotive supply chains all over the world would come to a grinding halt.

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