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We listen. We take the time to understand. We do methodical research. Then you can be sure of receiving expert advice, strategic thinking, diligence and excellence.

Quality and quality control

You rightly expect outstanding quality. No ifs. No buts. It doesn’t matter how tight the deadline or how complex the project, we know your success depends on it. We use a combination of rigorous processes, experience and technology to guarantee it.


Your time is precious. So, the more we can do to ease your workload and make sure things run efficiently, the better. That starts with our experience and understanding of your industry. It’s followed by the research we do, and the materials and customised workflows we create.


You need 100% reliability, without last-minute delays or quality issues. We select expert teams and create workflows to match your projects’ requirements and deadlines. We have trackable processes. And, if we say we can meet your deadline, then we guarantee we will.


There can be no compromises when it comes to the confidentiality of your information and data protection. We know how important it is so it underlies everything we do. We have watertight processes, a strict Code of Ethics and meticulous training in place.

Helping Dräger save lives with vital communications during Covid-19

Helping Dräger save lives with vital communications during Covid-19

Using sector experience, insight into the Dräger brand and our own research, we developed a process that guaranteed fast and accurate local comms about life-saving medical equipment.

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“We like cooperating with Albion Languages as the mutual understanding in case of open questions is top class!”
Gergely Bisztrai - Country Quality Manager, Drager Medical/Drager Safety

Good communication

You always need to know what’s going on. Sometimes, you want to know the details. At other times, just an overview is sufficient. We ensure all the information is available at your fingertips and always keep you well informed.

Always proactive

To help you stay ahead of the game, we’ll share our expertise, giving well-founded, objective advice. We’re forward thinkers, always on the lookout for practical improvements or safeguarding you against any issues.

Joined-up thinking

Going international can be complex. But, with 20 years’ experience, we understand how each part of your global plan fits into the bigger picture. We see our role as making sure it all works in synchrony. Cost effectively, efficiently and seamlessly.


Our aim is to keep pace with your developing needs. Sometimes, that means identifying new or best in class technology for improved efficiency. Sometimes, it’s just by being creative in the way we approach your projects and any barriers to your success.

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