Simultaneous Interpreting for Sustainable Energy Development; The Annual Gershoj Energia Conference

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On 21 September 2017, Albion Languages supplied English to Hungarian and Hungarian to English interpreting at the annual Gershoj Energia conference in Tata, Hungary.

Albion interpreter, Szilárd Kővári, gave simultaneous English to Hungarian interpreting when Jan Gershoj, owner of Gershoj Energia, opened the conference to present the evening’s theme and speakers. Highlighting his company’s mission to provide green energy solutions for companies, Gershoj used the recent boom in solar power as an example of the increasing demand for sustainable energy in the private sector.

The subject of this year’s conference was thus Economic Development; Energy Revolution and Sustainability. The Mayor of Tata, József Michl, welcomed attendees to the conference. Hungarian experts in environmental science and economics, Dr Diána Ürge-Vorsatz and András Vértes, then presented the global need to address climate change and how companies can benefit from a market that is gradually switching to sustainable, renewable energy. Throughout the evening, Szilárd provided simultaneous Hungarian to English interpreting for English-speaking attendees from Denmark and other European countries.

The conference proved a great success and at Albion Languages we are pleased to have helped Hungarian and English-speaking business leaders take part in such an important forum on economic development with sustainable energy.

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About Gershoj Energia: Founded in 2008 as a Danish company based in Hungary, Gershoj Energia designs and installs solar energy systems for the Hungarian government and companies and distributes solar modules throughout the market. Its mission to provide modern green energy solutions in Hungary reflects Owner Jan Gershoj’s dedication to the reversal of climate change. Find out more.


Szilárd Kővári prepares before the event



Jan Gershoj welcomes the attendees with Szilárd Kővári as his EN-HU interpreter




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