Interview with ITI

To celebrate joining ITI (Institute of Translation and Interpreting), we asked its Membership Manager, Jacqui Flint a few questions about the organisation.

What would you say are the main purposes of the organisation?

ITI is the leading professional membership body for translators and interpreters in the UK. We seek to promote the highest standards in the profession, thereby giving purchasers of translation and interpreting services confidence in the quality of ITI members’ work. This is very important in what is effectively an unregulated market in the UK.

We also act as an interface between industry and commerce, the media and the general public on issues surrounding translation and interpreting.

In your experience, what are the main motivating factors for translators to join ITI?

Members join ITI for many reasons, but perhaps the most important is the professional accreditation that it affords. Membership of ITI offers recognition as a highly skilled and qualified professional which of course is hugely beneficial when looking for work either as a freelancer or with an LSP. For Qualified members (MITI’s) their listing on our online directory of translators and interpreters is also very helpful for generating new business.

Members also enjoy being part of the supportive community we seek to create, the networking opportunities that membership offers, as well as free or discounted access to a programme of high quality CPD events.

Who can apply for individual memberships?

We have a range of membership categories to support members as they progress through the different stages of their career. We have Student members who are just starting out, through to Qualified members who have passed the ITI assessment and are at the pinnacle of their career, and  Fellows who have many years of experience and have also made a contribution themselves to the industry.

In addition we have members who aren’t translators or interpreters themselves, but who have an interest in the industry. For example, univeristy lecturers, project managers and lexicographers, as well as our Corporate members of course.

You have a very useful “Find a translator” search option on your website – what is the main benefit of this for translation buyers?

Only our Qualified Members (MITIs) appear in the Online Directory. It provides a list, in the language pair and with the specialism you are looking for, of translators or interpreters who have been rigorously assessed by ITI and meet our highest standards.

The directory also shows if a Member is keeping up-to-date with their CPD. We recommend a minimum of 30 hours a year, and once a Member has achieved this a ’CPD Achieved’ logo is included on their directory entry. You can also see whether an individual is ISO 17100 Qualified, so it really does help translation buyers find the best person for the job.

Language service providers can also join ITI – what are the possibilites for cooperation between ITI and LSPs?

We are always keen to forge close links with our Corporate members, so we can work together to promote the highest standards in the industry. There are many ways you can get involved. For example, it might be by hosting a webinar, writing articles for the ITI Bulletin or attending one of our Corporate showcases. Corporate members can also advertise any job vacancies to our members, free of charge, in our monthly Member Update.

You organized a wonderful conference this year, are there any other events you regularly organise?

We run webinars every month, and around four workshops each year. In addition we hold our annual SWATI (Starting Work as a Translator or Intepreter) event for those just getting started in their careers. As the Conference is a bi-annual event, starting last year we now run a ’One Day In…’ event in our non-conference year. Watch out for the 2020 event which will be announced soon.



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