Interview with Linguistic Team Lead, Zsófia Gregor

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Our Linguistic Team Lead, Zsófia Gregor is celebrating 5 years at the company. For this occasion we asked her about her favourite memories from the past 5 years, and her most recent exciting project.

What are your favourite memories from the last 5 years?

Every time I go to the Tata office, I just love walking from the train station, across the forest and then by the lake – it is always a treat to get a glimpse of nature on a workday. I also used to love our gastro adventures, such as when we tested the various different Túró Rudi brands or pastries of different bakeries against each other. More recently we had a totally different kind of adventure in an escape room, which was also great fun!


What is it that you’re most proud of in connection with your work?

The linguistic team, of course! There are eleven of us working as linguists at Albion Languages, with each person being a wizard of numerous CAT tools, quick problem-solvers, not afraid of tight deadlines and never-ending QA reports. I really appreciate the supportive and friendly atmosphere we have – though we may be the shier half of the company, you must never underestimate the power of introvert humour.


How do you think the industry has changed since you’ve been here?

One trend I’ve experienced in the past few years is the multiplication of CAT tools. When I started working at Albion Languages, you had to learn 3-4 basic tools, which you could then use for all projects. Nowadays we learn a new – typically online, browser-based – tool every month. At the same time, these programs are becoming far more user-friendly, so adapting to new clients’ new requirements can be done relatively easily. Another important change is the growth of MT usage for smaller languages, such as Hungarian. Consequently, in addition to translation and editing, post-editing is more and more a part of our daily lives.


How do you keep motivated on difficult days?

Those little deadline flags in Outlook are actually quite motivating! But seriously, busy days are usually busy for the whole office, so we encourage ourselves and each other in whatever way we can, starting from translation tips and ideas, ranging through surprisingly expressive Skype emoticons to large doses of coffee and chocolate. There is something oddly satisfying about going into power mode and testing the limits of your efficiency every once in a while…


Do you have any exciting projects in the near future you can talk about?

Let me rather mention a recent project that I have already completed, because it was something totally different from what I regularly do: in order to get a better understanding of the current market situation and prepare ourselves for the future, I conducted a survey on MT post-editing among more than 150 freelance translators. The results have proved very useful in our daily work, and the topic has given rise to many enlightening discussions, so it was definitely worth the effort!

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