Interview with Raisa McNab – CEO of ATC

We are proud to be members of the ATC (Association of Translation Companies) in 2020, too. To celebrate the renewal of our membership, we asked CEO Raisa McNab a few questions about the goals and current activities of the association. Thank you, Raisa, for kindly taking part.


AL: Could you tell us about the various goals of the ATC – raising the profile of the translation industry in the UK, lobbying, visibility, etc.?

RM: The ATC’s core function is to act as the UK authority for language service companies. We support and nurture our members for sustainability and growth, creating a network where our members can connect with each other as a professional community.

The ATC also influences the advancement of language service companies and the language profession, forging partnerships with associations and organisations whose vision and goals align with our own.

In practice, these aims take shape through our networking events and Language Industry Summit, and through our stakeholder engagement and lobbying activities, whether it’s Brexit, public sector procurement, or some of our other initiatives we’re talking about.


AL: In your opinion, what have been the organisation’s main achievements in the past 2 years during your time as CEO?

RM: I’m pleased that we have been able to support and publish research and report on issues that make a difference to the language services industry. I’m also hugely proud of having been able to deliver Brexit guidance tailored for our members, publishing our Public Sector Manifesto, and of the on-going development of our ISO Certification Service.

Over the past two years, we have also reviewed and updated ATC’s formal documentation, which among other things means that our members now have an updated Code of Conduct and guidelines for certifying translations with the ATC’s Certification Stamp.


AL: What advantages do the organisation’s events have for translation providers and clients?

RM: The ATC’s networking events and our annual conference, the Language Industry Summit, are great opportunities to catch up with ATC member companies, and perhaps, to meet your perfect supplier. Above all, our events are designed to leave attendees with tangible benefits: practical take-aways to implement in your business, or to make a difference to the bottom line.


AL: Obviously Brexit is a hot topic right now, in what ways do you think it’ll affect the translation industry in the UK? Do you have any advice for companies who are a bit anxious about the future?

RM: I believe Brexit will bring tangible business opportunities to language service companies who will play an increasingly important role in global communication, aiding UK businesses’ importing and exporting activities, so if anything, Brexit will be good for business.

In terms of immigration, we will face some challenges when it comes to employing international staff due to more restricted immigration to the UK. The ATC continues to follow and address any developments closely.


AL: The ATC and the ITI are 2 of the best known industry organisations in the UK – do you have any joint projects or common goals?

RM: Absolutely! The ATC and the ITI continue to work collaboratively on a number of fronts, from research initiatives, workshops and webinars to joint celebrations of the International Translation Day.


AL: How can the ATC help in interesting language students/graduates in a career in the translation industry?

RM: I believe the ATC has a role to play in helping students and fresh graduates see the spectrum of different, interesting careers within the language services industry. Our reports open up the industry beyond immediate expectations of what a career in language services may mean, and our collaborations with UK universities bring that closer to the students’ everyday.


AL: It’s the beginning of a new decade, what is the ATC looking forward to in 2020?

RM: Above all, we look forward to continuing to work for the benefit of our members and the wider language services industry. Over the past two years, it’s become very clear to me that ATC member companies are incredibly diverse, and it’s important for us to continue to drive our different initiatives equally. We will also continue to expand engagement with different stakeholder groups, widening the ATC’s reach and influence.


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