The ongoing Covid pandemic has left us all feeling a bit “shaken and stirred”, but on World Martini Day we wanted to investigate how the alcoholic drinks market has fared in recent years.

As translation specialists, we work across a wide range of specialist sectors, including the alcoholic beverage industry. As a global name in the industry, UK drinks giant Diageo has a presence in over 180 countries, working from 138 sites around the world. This means the company makes use of extensive translation support to ensure its communication strategy works effectively and efficiently across borders.

Brand marketing with a twist

Alcoholic beverage marketing is a multi-billion pound business, which is predicted to grow by about 4% by 2024.

As the owners of over 200 internationally renowned alcoholic beverage brands, Diageo puts a lot of time and effort into its communications. Each brand has its own unique voice, and all language translations need to be true to that voice to ensure the communications retain each specific brand’s personality. Localisation thus forms a vital component of Diageo’s marketing strategy.

Language localisation for alcoholic beverages

Diageo’s brands are inspired by the world and their story needs to reflect the trends, tastes and experiences of customers around the globe. International marketing provides a vital platform for the company’s business growth.

Any marketing requires thorough consideration of the specific audience, for example, are you marketing to Gen X, Gen Z or millennials? Each of these will require a different strategy. Gen X is still influenced by print and television, whereas social media is key in marketing to millennials. However, even social media needs to be segmented, as the demographics for each platform are different. It is important to select the best platform for your target audience. In certain circumstances, it can be beneficial to build an image of an ‘ideal customer’ for each platform, including their interests, a glossary of terms and age-specific language and slang. These can vary dramatically across the globe, and so it is vital as specialists that we understand these nuances and build them into the communications strategy.

Leveraging language to boost brand awareness

For alcoholic beverage marketing to be successful, it needs to enlighten potential customers about your brand. This means presenting information in a way that draws the audience in and creates a connection. In contrast, companies that rely on ‘selling’ can often get left behind as the customer lacks personal investment in the fortunes of the brand.

At Albion Languages, we understand the importance of safeguarding your brand story and making it relevant and relatable to customers across the globe. We understand how each assignment and business need is different. No two brands are the same, rather they come in many different sizes and flavours, just like Diageo’s alcoholic beverages.

Our expert team are here to help you with the translation and localisation of your content to help it appeal to audiences across the globe. Get in touch with us today and see how we can help your brand flourish.