Keeping the Human Touch in Translation Project Management

Project Managers in Focus: Judit Tüzér and IDEA Institute

At Albion Languages, we take pride in our project managers. They do the typical project manager tasks, of course, like organising projects, and keeping to deadlines. Yet there is something about them that is special, and our clients seem to notice that too. So, what is it that makes our project managers stand out?

They always remember that people are not machines.

Our project managers’ responses are never mechanical. They endeavour to learn all they can about every client’s business and the specifics of their individual projects and needs. Armed with that in-depth knowledge and understanding, all communication has a personal touch. Honesty, sincerity, and integrity are reflected in their fast and precise responses to every question and request.

A good example of this is Judit Tüzér, a project manager at our Budapest office. With a BA in English, Judit has a passion for her job that stems from a deep love of languages and translation. Working as a PM at Albion for the past one and a half years, she has used that passion to develop a skill in project management, and earn a level of client satisfaction worthy of recognition. 

We would like to highlight her relationship with one client in particular; IDEA Institute of Tokyo, Japan. As one of Judit’s first clients, IDEA has long been a supportive partner in business, and a constant source of inspiration and joy.

She says, “My working relationship with IDEA blossomed into a friendship thanks to their warm, and considerate project managers. We share a strong belief that even while conducting precise, organised business together, it’s important to always find the time for a few kind words. They ask me about my day and we talk about our holidays. I always look forward to reading their emails, and they even send me postcards!”

We contacted IDEA for their perspective. “We have enjoyed working with Judit for several years now”, said Miyuki Shimanaka, Project Manager at IDEA. “She has a friendly, generous, and bright attitude, and always responds to our various requests promptly and flexibly. Her thoughtful attention to our requests is invaluable.”

About IDEA: Founded in 1973 in Tokyo, Japan, the language professionals at IDEA Institute are dedicated to helping people communicate in the most effective way possible, by providing global communication services in a wealth of languages. Albion Languages is proud to act as their strategic partner in the localisation market.  Website:

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                                                                                                   Judit Tüzér, Project Manager


                                                                             Albion’s General Manager, Alistair Binks, with the IDEA team in Tokyo

                                                                                                     Postcards from IDEA


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