As language and translation experts handling confidential information, we understand more than most the importance of secure communication and the role of passwords in ensuring the safety of our and our client’s data. With an increasing volume of sensitive information being transmitted online, password safety has become a critical concern for individuals and businesses alike. On World Password Day, we look at an innovative new approach to password security.

Why password safety matters in today’s digital world

Traditionally, passwords were created using a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. However, research has shown that this approach is not as effective as had been previously thought. Hackers have become increasingly adept at cracking these types of passwords. As a result, new approaches to password creation have emerged, one of which is the “power of three random words.”

Beating the hackers with three random words

In this approach, passwords are created using three random words, separated by spaces, which are easy to remember but difficult for hackers to guess. This strategy was developed by security experts at the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), who discovered that passwords formed in this way were more secure than those created using traditional methods. You can download a geocode system app – What3words – which makes it possible to identify any location on the Earth’s surface with a resolution of about 3 metres with a three-word code.

what the words - Why password safety matters in today's digital world

The advantages of using three random words

The power of three random words approach has a number of advantages over traditional password creation methods. Firstly, it is easier to remember, as it is based on words rather than strings of characters. This is particularly important for individuals who need to remember multiple passwords for different accounts. Secondly, the use of random words makes passwords more difficult for hackers to guess, as there is no pattern or structure to the words used. Finally, the use of multiple words increases the number of possible password combinations, making it more difficult for hackers to successfully crack them.

Why password safety matters in today's digital world

Language and translation in password security

As language and translation experts, we also appreciate the power of language in creating strong passwords. With the option of using words from different languages, we can actually create even more secure passwords. For example, using a word from English, a word from French, and a word from German would create a password that is difficult for hackers to guess but easy for the user to remember.

Albion Languages’ commitment to password safety and online security

At Albion Languages, we understand the importance of password safety, both for our own data and that of our clients. In addition to using strong passwords, we also recommend other measures to improve online security, such as enabling two-factor authentication, using a password manager to securely store passwords, and regularly updating passwords.

In conclusion, the power of three random words approach is an innovative and effective method for creating secure passwords. By taking these steps and implementing other measures to improve online security, we can help to protect data and ensure the safety of online communication. Speak to a member of our team today.