In late January, we announced that the Association of Freelance Translators and Interpreters had nominated one of our project managers, Piroska Tenai, as the “Most Translator-Friendly Project Manager of 2016”. Today, we are proud to announce that Piroska has won!

Piroska our Project Manager was up against 12 other project managers for the award, which was divided into four subcategories; Trustworthiness, Personality, “Like a Swiss Watch”, and “One Language Industry.” All were nominated by freelance translators and judged by 18 reviews of their work.

The award winners were announced on 10 February 2017, the night of the association’s third annual masquerade ball. Cohosted by Proford, the Hungarian Association of Professional Language Service Providers, the festivities in Budapest’s Muzikum Klub and Bistro made for a night of memories. Accompanied by Albion translator, Gabor Kisvari, Piroska enjoyed dancing and mingling with translation colleagues. 

Piroska received the “Like a Swiss Watch” award for her commitment to her clients’ time. Her work as a project manager is defined by her speedy response time to client requests and absolute dedication to their deadlines. Like a Swiss watch, she is consistently reliable.

We at Albion Languages would like to congratulate Piroska Tenai, and all project managers who strive to provide a quality service for their clients.

To read more about this award and Piroska’s nomination, please visit our post from January.

IMG_20170210_224141 (2)

Piroska Tenai and Gabor Kisvari at the Proford-Szoft masquerade ball


Piroska’s award from Szoft





Congrats, Piroska!  (Photo credit: Proford)



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