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A project for a particularly fascinating motor racing event: the Hungary Truck Festival. There are few events more riveting than a motor race. The senses are flooded with the roar of the engines and the screams of the crowd; the smell of burnt tyre on asphalt, and the flash of colour as the cars speed by. The adrenaline rush produced by this controlled chaos is matched only by the excitement of cheering on your favourite driver as the finish line approaches. It is not surprising that the allure of the racetrack transcends all the usual confines of age, nationality and culture.

 In order to make these events accessible to all, race organisers are dependent upon localisation to provide information to race-goers in their native languages. Recently, Albion Languages took on a localisation project for a particularly fascinating motor racing event; the Hungary Truck Festival. Within their long-term cooperation and service contract, the festival organisers requested full Hungarian to English localisation of their website content. Our skilled team of specialist automotive translators swiftly set about this an exciting project, with the website localisation being completed with customer approval in late April.

The Hungary Truck Festival took place on 27-28 August, just outside Budapest on the Hungaroring racetrack.  The focus was on the European Racing Truck Championship, but the festival also featured the stunning sport cars of the Blancpain, and the speedy Suzukis of the Swift Cup championships. Other events were arranged to attract families, such as toy race car games and a dirt bike show.

Members of the Albion team gladly attended the festival on Sunday, and eagerly watched all of the top championship races. We cheered along with the ecstatic Hungarian crowd when local hero, Norbert Kiss, made a courageous attempt to overtake his German rival on the track. It was a great experience, and one that we can highly recommend when the ERTC returns to Hungary once again.

Albion Languages trusts that our localisation of the Hungary Truck Festival website made the event all that more accessible to English speakers in Hungary, and to all those from abroad who simply love a good motor race.  Like you, we just can’t stay away from the racetrack.

About the Hungary Truck Festival: The Hungary Truck Festival is a unique racing event that highlights the European Racing Truck Championship. For the second time in 25 years, the ERTC took place at the Hungaroring racetrack. On 26-28 August 2016, racing truck drivers from all over Europe raced to the finish line, including Hungarian Norbert Kiss and his Tankpool24 racing team. For more information, visit

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Hungarian hero, Norbert Kiss in his Tankpool24 Racing Mercedes-Benz truck


Albion Marketing Assistant, Charlotte Fellows, is dwarfed by a massive Tankpool24 truck!


A beautiful Blancpain Ferrari 458 Italia GT3


An excited crowd cheers on Norbert Kiss



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