Innovation and Insight in a Continuous Delivery World: Localization World Barcelona 2017

On 15-16 June 2017, Albion Languages attended the 34th Localization World conference in Barcelona, Spain. Three representatives, including Managing Director, Alistair Binks, joined 500 international attendees to network and take part in many enlightening presentations over the two-day conference.

Since 2003, Localization World has provided the perfect platform for networking and presenting innovation, and this year was no exception. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting potential suppliers and clients over coffee and biscuits between sessions, and delicious dishes in the beautiful tropical gardens of the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya Barcelona.

The gala dinner was certainly the highlight of the conference. Attendees met Thursday evening at Can Travi Nou, with business cards and wine glass in hand. But despite our best efforts to focus on business, all eyes were on the rustic 17th century Catalan farmhouse that was covered in cascading vines and bright purple flowers. The dinner was just as impressive, complete with tapas and fish, as well as a challenge to try drinking out of the traditional Spanish Porron (trust us, it’s not easy!).

The theme at the 34th Localization World in Barcelona 2017 was “Continuous Delivery”. Sessions focused on how to streamline processes in translation, boost content creation and delivery, and ultimately help the industry itself meet the future demands of globalised business.

To summarise the information shared, we focused on three main points.

  1. Machine Translation was the hot topic over the two-day conference. It was the theme of many presentations in the TAUS and Inside tracks, and a point of discussion during breaks. The common thought in this industry is that machine translation will never be able to match the quality of translation provided by human, expert translators. But, according to leaders in translation software design, machine translation is rapidly evolving. Is the future bleak, or can we find a way to work together with machine translation for the benefit of the industry?
  1. Content is king, and no business in the era of globalisation can survive without it. The key, however, is creating authentic contentBusinesses can no longer depend on straightforward advertising to attract customers. We need to form a unified team of salesmen, marketers and copywriters to create meaningful content that that will benefit the customer. Better still, we should be innovative in using the digital experience to personalise the content matter and mode of content delivery for the customer.
  1. The future of the industry is entirely dependent on its ability to adapt to an ever-growing demand for delivery speed and personalised customer experience. Can we as translators, LSP managers and software designers meet this challenge together? If we embrace the era of automated processes, develop faster, smarter translation and QA tools, and use the digital world to our advantage, we may yet survive and thrive in a “Continuous Delivery World”.

Albion Languages would like to thank the organisers of LocWorld for an unforgettable experience in Barcelona and a truly beneficial conference. We’ll see you at the next LocWorld Europe!


Managing Director Alistair Binks, Senior Project Manager Katarína Košecká, and Marketing Assistant Charlotte Fellows






Katarína Košecká with Tim Brookes, President of the Endangered Alphabets Project


Katarína Košecká and Charlotte Fellows dress up for Translators Without Borders :D

can travi nou

Beautiful Can Travi Nou restaurant








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