How to keep patent translation costs under control

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Patents are only valid in the country they’re filed in, which means that if you’re planning to go global, you’ll need to have your patent filed in every country you’re interested in. Moreover, most patent offices require applications to be submitted in the country’s native language, which is where patent translation comes in.

If your aim is to get your patent registered in a range of different countries, your translation costs can understandably build up if you need patent translations to cover multiple languages. In order to ease the burden, we’ve put together some tips to help you keep these costs down.

With patent translations, it all comes down to wording

Most patent applications are actually rejected due to the way they’re worded – rather than because of what the product/invention does. Before work starts on the translation of your patents, make sure in advance that the wording is correct. In this way, you can keep your translation costs plannable as you won’t need to go back and revise the translation because of changes requested to the patent due to improper wording.

Technology can really help you

With the expense of patent translations accounting for almost 50% of the total patent cost, it’s vital that you find ways to keep costs down where you can. By choosing a translation service provider that uses the latest technology, you may well be able to save money on repeating text, plus much more. Although the savings may not seem like a lot at first, they do add up and will considerably reduce your translation costs.

Use an experienced patent translation agency rather than a freelancer

 If you are translating large volumes of patents into a number of different languages, there are definite advantages in using a language service provider with a long-standing record of success in patent translation.

First of all, if your provider handles patent translations every day, it means that they are accustomed to the specific style required for this kind of text. Through familiarity with the necessary expressions, your translation provider can help you avoid the wording-related issues we touched on earlier.

A further benefit is that you’ll have a single point of contact. Rather than spending a lot of valuable time and effort (which is surely needed elsewhere) creating and coordinating a team of translators, we’ll do all of that for you. All you need to do is send us over your patent (which will of course be handled with the utmost confidentiality), specify the required target languages and we’ll do all the rest for you!

If you’re looking for assistance with getting your patent translations on track, feel free to get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help.


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