From the large numbers of private individuals with their own medical notes received abroad to CROs with tens of thousands of hospital reports for clinical trial subjects around the world, it’s no wonder the demand for the translation of medical notes is considerable.

Can I translate my own medical notes?

This is a good question – and really depends on the seriousness of the case and the content of the notes. If, for example, you went on holiday to Spain and broke your arm, your doctor back in the UK wouldn’t be likely to have a problem with you just recounting what happened. Also, with some languages (like Czech, for example) using a lot of Latin in their medical terminology, an experienced medical professional may well be able to get the essence of your foreign-language notes.

For more serious matters, though, you will need to get your documents professionally translated, especially if you don’t speak the source language yourself. There are the obvious risks otherwise of being administered the wrong treatment or medication. In addition, if you’re making an insurance claim or need to get the foreign notes added to your medical records, you’ll have to get your documents translated as it’s often a formal requirement.

How does translating medical notes work?

As translation is no longer simply a matter of putting pen to paper, considerable effort and preparation goes into medical notes translation. But don’t worry, a skilled translation provider can assist you. The first step is often to convert the files into an editable format. As there’s normally a fair amount of handwritten text, the text is pre-edited, often in consultation with a medical professional to ensure everything has been transcribed correctly. Should anything be illegible, it will be marked as such.

When it comes to medical notes translation, it’s vital you find someone who can really help. Skilled medical translation professionals will be able to produce a highly accurate translation that uses the precise terminology and style required by the sector.

Medical notes are usually more than just talking about a common cold, so make sure you have a professional translation team behind you. If you have a heart condition, for example, let your team know and they’ll be able to assign a cardiology expert to help. As a professional translation agency, we’re here to help you so the more info you give us, the better we can help.

Accuracy is everything in medical translations, and notes are no exception. If you need assistance with medical translations of any kind, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.