Meet the team: Péter Márton

Péter Márton is the Executive Financial Director at Albion Languages, specialising in financial management and business development. In this post, we talk about his role and influence at Albion Languages and what he envisions for the future.

Tell us a bit about yourself!

My career began at a press monitoring agency, before I entered the world of translation. I’ve been with Albion Languages since its founding, and I currently fill the role of Executive Financial Director. I enjoy the arts, good books, and art movies.

How did find your place at Albion Languages?

I happened to meet Alistair Binks, the CEO of Albion Languages, when we were both working at a press monitoring agency. Some years later, Alistair founded a translation agency, and I jumped at the opportunity to help him build what would become Albion Languages.

What are your daily responsibilities?

I wear many hats at Albion! As Finance Manager, I oversee the company’s finances, handling financial planning, daily financial decisions, and cooperation with our banks and accountants. As a system administrator, I currently supervise management of XTRF, our new Translation Management System. More recently, I have taken on the responsibility of handling employment-related issues and hiring. Overall, I am heavily involved in company development.

What challenge(s) do you often face in your role?

I need to juggle many different tasks in the various areas of finance, management and business development. Multitasking is a key skill, which it is for all my colleagues at Albion Languages. I like to take the view that this is a positive challenge that drives me to accomplish personal and company goals.

What do you enjoy most about working at Albion Languages?

I’m very lucky to work with such a fun, supportive team in beautiful offices in both Slovakia and Hungary. I also enjoy seeing our goals met and our dreams come to life. Watching Albion Languages grow as a translation agency has been an incredible experience and I continue to feel blessed to play such an influential role.

What do you envision for the future?

I see Albion Languages as a leader in English and Life Sciences translation. Our team continues to grow, and we have gained extensive expertise in the past 20 years that allows us to keep up with advances in the industry. As for myself, I hope to continue to play a key role in Albion’s development.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I run a small publishing company with my wife, where we publish 20th century French literature in Hungarian translation. Between that and work, my free-time is taken up by our pets, a dog and two cats, and watching films in art cinemas along with a bit of travelling.????



                                                                                                           Péter Márton, Executive Financial Director






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