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Alistair Binks


My father, as an Anglican vicar, gave me a very strict upbringing. Consequently, I developed a strong sense of justice even in my childhood. It gently led me to know what’s right and what’s wrong, and what’s ethical and what’s not, as well as to always keep to the rules and help others.

At the start of my career, however, I wanted to go my own way, for a while. Initially, I rather took into account professional and linguistic criteria in translation projects, giving less of an emphasis to the real needs of clients. I often made decisions which didn’t primarily reflect clients’ interests but rather those of the profession.

Fortunately, in time, I came to realise that what our company was providing and what the client had asked for were at times quite different. While this often came about merely due to insufficient flow of information, I still felt that we needed to change the core of our approach.

With my colleagues, we think that the vast majority of translation companies pay less attention to the expectations of clients and rather try to get customers to accept their own standard services. Clients can often feel vulnerable, unsure of what to expect and when and what they can justifiably demand. Our goal thus is to be different, to ensure that the client is placed at the centre of attention of our translation company.

With a new look, new approach and new name, we have placed the key market expectations into an industry code of ethics and defined ourselves and our services accordingly. Of utmost importance to us in this are transparency and predictability. To give a few examples of what this means in practice: publicly declared prices, trackable processes, guaranteed deadlines, detailed presentation of our staff and removal of all surcharges.

We believe that this is the only way to ensure that both sides can be fully satisfied. Just put us to the test!

Alistair Binks
General Manager

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