Networking by the canals of Amsterdam: GALA 2017

On 27-28 March 2017, three delegates from Albion Languages travelled to Amsterdam, Netherlands to attend the GALA 2017 translation conference. Albion Managing Director, Alistair Binks, Production Manager Istvan Antal, and Marketing Assistant Charlotte Fellows attended sessions and met with potential clients and suppliers over the course of the conference.

The annual conference is organised by GALA Global, the Globalization and Localization Association. Its aim is to provide an opportunity for networking and exchanging knowledge with members and non-members of the association. This year, the main themes were leadership strategy, sales and marketing management, and buyer/client-side issues.

As stated by GALA, the central focus of GALA 2017 was “applicable, evidence-based business practices that enable us to thrive in the new industry landscape.” An uncertain political climate combined with unique demands from the millennial generation present new challenges for the translation industry. We need to work together and be ready to adapt to changes if we want to survive and thrive in the current market.

GALA staged presentations that offered useful advice and stimulated active discussion in each of the main themes. With a great choice, Albion’s delegates were most impressed by three sessions in particular. Elzbieta Petlicka from Venga Global taught us how to sustainably manage organisational growth, and Riversight’s Jonathan Bowring presented a moment of self-reflection as we identified our own leadership style and a personal method for developing a more effective leadership strategy. Lastly, Burckhardt Rueffer and Miguel Sevener from BeatBabel reminded us that small LSPs can indeed compete with the “big fish” of the industry so long as we find a niche in the market.

While we enjoyed the sessions, one of our main goals in attending the conference was to network with the 450 attendees. We very much enjoyed meeting expert translation agencies and innovators during session breaks and at special conference events.

As Istvan and Charlotte were first timers at GALA, they were eager to take full advantage of all that the conference had to offer. They chatted with new friends aboard a beautiful boat ride through the canals of Amsterdam. Then, they explored an impressive replica of the 18th century sailing ship “Amsterdam”, before enjoying a delicious dinner in the stunning courtyard of the National Maritime Museum.

We at Albion Languages would like to thank the GALA organisers for an exceptionally enjoyable and useful conference. We look forward to returning to the GALA conference next year!

About Albion Languages: Founded in 1999, Albion Languages offers translation, localisation, and interpreting solutions, with the aim of placing the client at the centre of attention in each and every project. Our dedicated employees and specialised translators combine translation expertise with a flexible, personal service to deliver thousands of translations a year in over fifty different languages.

About GALA Global: GALA Global is a worldwide, independent community for the professional business of translation, localisation, and interpreting, that actively promotes its member companies to the global business community. It advocates the importance of translation, localisation, and interpreting services in global business and policy-making, and sponsors development in the industry through publications, conferences, and online training.



GALA’s name cards came with fun ribbons :)


A quick shot of the group photo. Not all 450 attendees are pictured! 


A few brave fellows get a shave for Translators Without Borders’ fantastic fundraising event: Trim, Tint or Tattoo. 


Shooting hoops for donations to Translators Without Borders. Made it on the first shot!


The boat ride through the canals of Amsterdam


Chatting with friends from Medilingua and České překlady, s.r.o.


A wonderful dinner with great company


Exploring the sail ship Amsterdam





Until next time, Amsterdam!





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