Meet our new linguist: Judit Kiss

Albion Languages welcomes Judit Kiss to our Budapest team. In this post, we ask about her background, her love of languages, and what she is looking forward to as a linguist at Albion Languages.

Tell us a bit about yourself!

For as long as I can remember, my studies in foreign languages have played an important role in my life. As the focus of my studies in secondary school, they quickly became a passion that led to a BA in English Studies with a specialisation in Business English. I later received an MA in Translating and Interpreting.

What languages do you speak, and why do you enjoy learning languages?

I speak English and German. I’ve also started learning Korean, although I’m still at beginner level. What I like the most about learning languages is that it presents the opportunity to learn about a culture. In learning to understand a new way of thinking, I am able to broaden my horizons.

What inspired you to pursue a career in translation?

My enthusiasm for studying foreign languages was clear to others before it was clear to me! When I was young, my family constantly suggested that I should pursue a career in translation. Then in secondary school, my classmates often asked me to translate chapters from books that had not yet been published in Hungarian. That was when I finally realised what everyone else had known for a long time: I was well-suited for a career in translation.

What do you hope to gain from working at Albion Languages?

I hope to gain experience in translating and proofreading medical and technical texts, therefore gaining a general understanding of these fields. In addition, I hope to learn how a translation agency works, and how every step of the translation process works together to produce quality work.

In your opinion, what skills are needed to be a good linguist?

A good linguist needs to be accurate and well-organised, with a good eye for detail.

Now for some fun questions! Can you tell us a surprising, random fact about you?

I used to play the violin for six years and was a member of a theatre choir in primary and secondary school.

What do you like doing outside of work?

I love cooking! I am currently trying to master Korean cuisine. I also really enjoy travelling, in Hungary and abroad.




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