Brand communication

Brand communication

The first step to international success is ensuring your brand resonates across borders. We start by doing local research. Then we match up your corporate culture and message with that of your target audience. And we fine tune all your brand communications so that they have as much impact internationally, as they do at home.



Successful internationalisation means being able to roll out your products and services anywhere in the world, quickly and efficiently. We provide the right combination of technical and linguistic skills to make that happen. It’s this combination of detail and planning which lies behind seamless and smooth-running growth.



Localised content, SEO, a local reference point. Success in new markets means your software and content have to work well for everyone. From the marketing expert on the ground who needs to keep your website updated, to the end user who’s viewing your content on his phone. It’s all part of what makes for a great brand experience. It’s all part of what we do.



Deadlines are often tight. Your content needs to be accurate but compelling. Culturally the right fit for your new market whilst maintaining your messaging and style. You need to be able to embrace linguistic differences and avoid social taboos. Consistently. To a very high standard. We understand that and we deliver.

Beyond translation

Internationalisation may be the end goal, but success depends on the details.

Technical translation

We work with professional technical translators that have the right academic background and industry experience for your specific sector. All of them can draw on at least 5 years’ hands-on experience translating technical documents.

Foreign market research

Our market research translators are highly trained and experienced in market research methodology. They understand brand nuances and marketing translation requirements. And they understand the language and culture of your target audience.

Lease abstraction

We can help to take the headache out of international lease contracts. You can specify exactly which data needs to be collected and which parts of the contract require translation. We’ll then translate the key information, giving you an accurate, professional overview.

Legal translation

All our legal translators have both considerable legal and translation experience. We can accurately translate all types of legal documents from contracts, to regulations and laws, court orders, expert opinions and minutes. Find out more about our legal translation services.

Helping Enercon Industries to improve global manufacturing processes with their products

Helping Enercon Industries to improve global manufacturing processes with their products

By delivering compelling technical marketing copy for niche products in multiple languages and to exacting deadlines.

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“Albion Languages are easy to deal with, fast and reliable. I couldn’t market across Europe without their help!”
Chris Sanger - Marketing Manager, Enercon Industries Ltd.

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